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Oct 9, 2008 08:28 AM

Accessible Resto near College/Spadina?

Chowhounds, I have a challenge for you...

We're planning on taking out my grandmother for a nice Thanksgiving lunch as a litte treat, since she rarely gets a chance to eat a nice meal now that she's in a nursing home. However, there's a catch - my grandmother has limited mobility and requires a wheelchair to get around.

I'm looking for a place that meets the following criteria:
* level entranceway - even a single step will be a problem for us
* tables that are spaced far enough apart so the wheelchair isn't an obstacle
* washrooms on ground level
* reasonably-priced food

Ideally, we need a restaurant on either College or Harbord between Spadina and Bathurst, as that's what's within walking distance of the nursing home (my grandmother does not feel comfortable with car rides). Kensington Market is also an option if anyone has any recommendations, though I'd prefer to avoid it if possible since it can get very crowded on weekends.

I should mention that I've already reviewed the listings in both Now and Toronto Life's websites, but I know from experience that several of the places listed as "accessible" are in fact very difficult to navigate with a wheelchair (for example, Free Times Cafe has a step at the entrance and the tables are too close together to get the wheelchair through easily).

I know this is a very challenging request, but I've always found Chowhound to be a great resource - hopefully the 'hounds can come through for me once more. :)

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  1. Maybe Hart House's Gallery Grill? Call them and find out how accessible they really are. I'm sure your grandmother would think it is lovely, and this weekend will be gorgeous, so the walk there will be nice.

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    1. re: chyxx

      Thanks for the suggestion - this is exactly the kind of place I had in mind.

      Unfortunately, the website mentions they'll be closed for the long weekend, but I'll definitely be keeping it in mind for the next time we want to take her out for a nice lunch.

    2. How about Cafe Diplomatico? I don't recall there being a step at the front door. The only issue I guess is that the washroom is in the basement.

      1. Dessert Trends at Harbord and Brunswick should work. There is a long ramp on the Brunswick side and the tables are not too close together. The space is lovely and the food is very good. She'll enjoy the beautiful little desserts.

        OK, now that I think about it, they may have gotten rid of the Brunswick entrance during a reno. Please give them a call first!