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Oct 9, 2008 08:26 AM

Date Night Fast Breaking tonight [MSP]

im not up for cooking and looking for somewhere nice to go out with my girlfriend to break my fast. She has an appointment nearish to highland park and we were thinking of going out afterwards - geographically i was thinking that would make st paul and nearish south minneapolis the best choices. Looking at the heartland wine bar, or somewhere with a suitable "date night" feel, but were not opposed to something more casual and are definitely not looking to break the bank.

Is there something obvious im overlooking? I thought about Cafe Levain too, and i wouldnt say thats too too far, but i thought id solicit other folks ideas before deciding on somewhere and trying to get a reservation.

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  1. Have you considered Al Vento? It is just across the river from Highland Park, at 34th Ave and 50th St in south Minneapolis.

    Nice date night feel to the place.

    1. Luci Ancora - corner of Cleveland and Randolph - very romantic!

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        i did think of that - i had a dissapointing meal at ancora several years ago and havent been back - their website is a mess - is there any way to view only the ancora menu? it seems to show the ristorante luci menu only.

      2. My personal choice would be Heartland. But in the spirit of "helping restaurants avoid the dreaded economic collapse" (since I just finished reading another blurb in the Strib about which restaurants are having woes)....Signature Cafe was a Chowhound board darling for a while, but hasn't been mentioned at all in recent memory. Maybe someone's been there recently and can offer if this is still a good place. If you want to be in the neighborhood of Ancora and Heartland, but don't want to go there, maybe Cafe 128.

        As an aside, I went to check out Jay's Cafe menu and noticed they have an outdoor BBQ planned for this Saturday (Oct. 11, 2008 since this thread will probably be dredged up three years from now like they all are) to coincide with the St. Paul Art Crawl.

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          I don't know whether you're interested in breaking your fast on pizza, but Jay's has some tasty gourmet pizza on their menu.

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            I was there a couple of weeks ago, and Signature Cafe is still quite good.