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Oct 9, 2008 08:19 AM

Reasonably Priced Good Food near U of penn

Looking to take 5 hungry college kids to dinner. ( one is a vegetarian) on a sunday at 4:30. Looking for a good meal that wont bankrupt us.

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  1. There are so many great ethnic restaurants - Vietnam Cafe, Abyssinia, Dahlak and Nan.

    1. Vietiane Cafe at 4728 Baltimore Avenue
      (215) 726-1095

      BYOB, Thai and Laotian, but please confirm they are open on Sundays as I've only gone on Fridays and Saturdays

      1. I was there on Tuesday with a vegetarian friend. We went to New Delhi, a nice little Indian restaurant with both menu offerings and a nice buffet in the evenings. Nothing mind-blowing, but solid enjoyable Indian with pleasant service. Buffet is 11.95 a head.


        1. Recently I've been liking the Indian buffet at Sitar India on 38th Street better than the others in the Penn area. I see more and more native Indians eating there now which is always a good sign.

          They sell beer and soft drinks. I don't know if you can bring wine.