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Oct 9, 2008 07:44 AM

Cider Happy Hour at Equinox

Does anyone have intel on the cider happy hour at Equinox? I got the email from the restaurant saying that there were free apps and special hot cider cocktails. Sounds good to me. Anyone do it last year? is it packed? fun? let me know!

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  1. Sounds sooo good anyone have details?

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    1. re: Zucumber84

      from my email...

      Fall Cider Happy Hours featuring
      Hard Spiced Cider and Complimentary
      Fall Snacks

      Fridays, 5-7 pm through December 19th

      The comforting fragrance of hot apple cider is permeating the air at Equinox Restaurant. Diners at Equinox can sip on hot Shenandoah Valley Apple cider while munching on complimentary snacks by Chef Gray. The Hard Cider Hour runs through December 19th, after which the Winter Chocolate Hour featuring chocolate cocktails and chocolate-based pastries from Pastry Chef Melanie Parker will commence.

      Fall Snacks

      Venison Chili
      Camelized Onion and Fig Flatbread
      Sweet Potato Potstickers
      Pumpkin Fritters

      Hard Cider Cocktails

      Apple Pillar
      Laird's Applejack, Fresh Hot Cider, Lemon & Orange Juice, Maple Syrup -10

      Pumpkin Cobbler
      Cinnamon-Infused Rum, Laird's Applejack, Fresh Hot Cider, Pumpkin Spice Liqueur -10

      Falling Leaves
      Vanilla-Infused Rum, Hot Fresh Cider, Lemongrass-Infused Simple Syrup, Fresh Mint, Laird's Applejack Splash -11

      Brown Mary
      Manzania Pepper-Infused Rum, Hot Fresh Cider, Laird's Applejack, Fresh Lemon & Orange Juice Bitters Splash -11

      1. re: daves_32


        I could eat/drink everything on that menu and go back for seconds (not the venison, but I'm sure it's good anyway)

        1. re: Jeserf

          Did anyone hit this up last Friday? I am going to go with some friends this Friday and wanted some intel.

      2. re: Zucumber84

        can anyone bring any fresh information to this quest for reviews of the cider happy hour? I am going this friday and will bring a full report

        1. re: daves_32

          writing a full review for work but i'll tell you this — the drinks are chilled, not warm. the cider is good. try the hibiscus one. of course the complimentary snacks are top notch, especially the venison chili, not gamey at all.

          1. re: littlew1ng

            it talks about hot apple cider in the description. I wonder if they will start making them hot once it gets a bit colder

            1. re: daves_32

              the housemade cider is hot, before they mix it into the cocktails. i did sip a cup of the cider by itself and it was very good, although not piping hot. the happy hour ends dec. 9 and then they switch to a chocolate-themed one, so i don't know if they're planning on switching to hot — i asked the bartender and he said last year the hot drinks weren't quite so popular.