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Oct 9, 2008 07:23 AM

help: food stops in NH off 93 this weekend!

Hi-- I will be driving up 93 on Saturday morning to go backpacking in the presidential range. We have a tradition of getting donuts or some sort of glutinous breakfast treat on the way up for the trip (we leave very early and need to stock up on calories for the strenuous weekend ahead- also, we both eat very healthy so this is our big "pig out" so I want it to be the ultimate treat). Does anyone have any suggestions for a place to stop at on the trip- preferably in MA or the early stretch of 93 in NH.

Also, we will be driving back on Monday afternoon or evening and have a tradition of getting pizza on the way back-- in the past we have stoped in Lincoln at a mediocre spot (the name escapes me) , but after a weekend on freeze-dried backpacking food and energy bars I was hoping to find some pizza on the way back that is a little more enjoyable.

I'd love any and all suggestion-- and we are not strict on the cuisine as well, if you know a great bagel spot for the way up, i'd love to hear (we just need to be able to eat breakfast in the car to save time) and for the way home we are open to any yummy semi-guilty pleasure food suggestions (heads up we are both pescatarians). In the past we have had to just try our luck getting off the highway and looking around- thus far we have not found any worth-while spots and would love to find a staple backpacking trip food destination.

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  1. You should also post this on the New England Board.

    My itinerary for driving to hike in the Whites usually includes a morning stop-off in Concord, NH - Get off at the first Main Street exit (12?) and drive up Main Street toward the Capitol building - On your right, I believe there is a bakery - Bread and Chocolate - lots of good items there. Further on your right, there is a bagel place that is outstanding - Bagel Works - if you pass the CVS, then you've gone too far. Afterwards, you pass the Capitol on your left, take a right at your next light and you'll be back on 93 in no time.

    Are you referring to the Common Man in Lincoln?

    I cannot recommend a pizza place -

    But I had an outstanding lunch at a little place in Franconia the other weekend - Wendle's Deli - - Everything we had was very good, especially DF's enormous, fresh chef's salad.

    Also, further back toward town, you cannot beat the Puritan Backroom in Manch-vegas!

    1. There is a great breakfast/bagel place in Salem, NH called "Maddie's Bagel and Eatery" that serves fresh, healthy, portable meals along with savory, thick muffins and homemade breakfast pastry.

      Directions: Take 93 N to exit 2; take a right onto Main St/Rt 97; Take a left onto Rt 28N; Drive on Rt 28 N for a couple of minutes; you'll see it next to Irving Gas Station on the right (if you get to Walmart, you've gone too far).

      There's also a Sal's Pizza off the same exit (corner of Rt 97/Rt 28) that serves extra large pizza (absolutely delicious/fresh/not greasy).

      Have fun in beautiful NH!

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        Second the recommendation of Sal's Pizza. They have lots of franchises so if you search locations there may be other options en route as well.

        On the way up, very visible from 93 (exit 4 Londonderry, perhaps?) the Cracker Barrel Restaurant has generous, hearty breakfasts including thick bacon slices that are nonetheless meaty and crisp, a cheesy hash-brown casserole, and good pancakes. The adjacent country store is loaded with old-fashioned candies and snack foods.

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          I had Sal's a few times but they were always awful..but that was 10 years ago so I shouldn't talk. Have they gotten better over the years? If so, I'll have to give it another try when I'm up there for the holidays.

        2. I cannot recommend any bakeries or donut shops off of 93, but were it me, I'd stop in for some pancakes at Robie's Country Store in Hooksett NH.

          As for pizza, my girlfriend and I love Flatbread Pizza Co and there is one located in North Conway NH

          I would also recommend Sal's Pizza

          1. Sunny Day Diner in Lincoln is one of my favorite all time places. The reuben is spectacular. They make their own sauerkraut and bake their own marble rye. Last time I went they were actually done with lunch service on a day that they had normally been closed. The chef/owner had already scrubbed the griddle. I told them that I had been driving for almost 3 hours with my heart set on a reuben. The manager/baker asked the owner if he would make me a reuben and he did. Now that's hospitality. I have since made myself more familiar with their hours and keep the phone number in the car. The best reuben I have ever had. I should have written this up two months ago when it happened. I was really hoping I would be able to eat my reuben there while they prepared 5 more for me to take with me but I was very happy they at least made me one. Highly recommended!

            1. On the way up, I'd recommend checking out Ultimate Perk in Andover, about 2 miles off of 93. They have the best bagels I've ever had north of Manhattan.

              Ultimate Perk‎
              96 Main St
              Andover, MA 01810
              (978) 470-1401