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Oct 9, 2008 07:12 AM

Rehearsal dinner/Manayunk Area

Does anyone have any suggestions for where to have a rehearsal dinner in the Manayunk Area? It will be for around 25 people. Ideally, I would like somewhere with a private dining room or a byob where I can rent out the entire restaurant. Any thoughts are appreciated.


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  1. That's not easy. I don't know of any restaurants with a private dining room in Manayunk. Bourbon Blue and Derek's might be able to accomidate but they are terrible!

    La Collina is not far and it's decent.

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      I would check out Evviva in Narberth

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        i would second la collina - it's the best i've had in the area; i did a couple christmas group dinners there and everyone was happy. food's pretty much standard issue italian, no complaints. service was very professional. i don't know about a private room; i wonder if you might be able to take over the majority of that round room though. it's a nice view of the valley below.

        the manayunk brewery i've got to disagree with - food's pretty atrocious and the beers weren't much better. granted, i was last there in early 2005 when i first moved to the area.

      2. The Manayunk Brewery has a private room upstairs - that is where I had my cocktail wedding reception but they said they usually do rehearsal dinners. The decor and lighting is very cool - the food and service does not have the best reputation in the city but we were happy with everything.

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          1. Evviva is awesome. The upstairs dining room sounds perfect for you. They have a bar up there, its cozy, and the veal was incredible last time I went to a function there.