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Oct 9, 2008 06:57 AM

Perennial Reviews?

I made a haphazard reservation at Perennial tonight, but I fear this might have been a stumble! The reviews from Chicago magazine haven't been very cheering and I can hardly trust the advertorial qualities of Metromix. Has anyone been and has advice to offer?

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  1. I've never heard of it - not that that necessarily means anything; some restaurants get lots of PR while others don't. It's located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood at 1800 N. Lincoln (where Lincoln ends at Clark Street), and has a website at Hopefully others who have been there can provide guidance.

    1. It is very new, maybe a couple of months, part of the new hotel rehab there. It looks interesting from the outside but I know nothing about the food.

      1. I had a great meal there after a good review from Phil Vettel.

        1. As rule, I never order chicken at a white table-cloth restaurant, but the adorable waiter convinced me. After all, we were talking about sous-vide amish chicken with drumsticks made into a roulade. And I'm glad I did because it was the best goddamn, tender, flavorful chicken I've ever had. We had a black truffle semolina gnocci as an appetizer-(I was all, semolina gnocci??), and it was richly mushroomy and paired really well with the crunch frisee. The dining room is gorgeous too. I'd definitely revisit.

          1. Had dinner there on October 1. Loved it! Waitstaff is wonderful. Everyone in our group of 6 enjoyed their food.

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              I'm new to lincoln park and had walked by it several times going to the farmer's market, two weeks ago I decided to pop in for dinner and enjoyed it quite a bit. Service was very good, and I ordered the scallops which were very high quality and cooked nicely.

              Overall I thought it was a tad overpriced, but didn't act pretentious. I will go back, probably to try out their brunch next