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Oct 9, 2008 06:48 AM

Poor service at Nota Bene lunch

I finally had lunch at Nota Bene, and while the food was excellent, the service was definitely not. We had to flag down our waiter to place our order, had empty water glasses for most of the meal, and had to grab him again for the bill after sitting for a while, plates removed, no dessert menus yet offered.

It was busy when we got there, but half-empty when we left, and there were a number of wait staff on the floor. Definitely none of that careful napkin folding happening when we were there.

I'll try dinner soon, but not sure I'd return for a business lunch.

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  1. I've had the same bad service at dinner as well; in fact, I've only had decent service once out of about ten visits to Nota Bene. This is par for the course in Toronto, though, and at least the food was good.

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      The kind of service that dalton48 has described is not acceptable for the class of restaurant that Nota Bene aspires to be. My experience has been better in Toronto...I would not keep returning to a higher end place that consistently has poorer service.

      1. re: T Long

        Of course it isn't, go anywhere else in the world (except maybe the US), and you'll quickly realize that excellent service is what nearly every restaurant aspires to. Toronto is just bad in general, and I'm not going to let poor service keep me from eating out at a restaurant with decent food (especially something as "minor" [again, par for the course] for Toronto as what dalton48 describes).

        I'm in no way defending Nota Bene for their poor service, I'm just stating a well-known fact about service in this city. In fact, as I said, this is probably the worst problem with the restaurant for me. If you want good service, you have limited choices, are a regular at a restaurant, or put your dinners down to luck. I have definitely not, in general, had excellent service at most restaurants, at least not excellent compared to "international, world-class" culinary cities anywhere else in the world. There are some where service is generally good, but falters sometimes, and some where service is always mediocre.

        It's depressing, but it's not like we have better options. If your service was that bad, vote with your feet, or with your tip, it's as simple as that.

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          But do you expect poor service from a restaurant owned and run by the same people as Splendido? I'd think that after being open a few months, the service issues would be sorted out.

    2. The original comment has been removed