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Oct 9, 2008 06:35 AM

Looking for recipe for cake that is like Venetian cookies

When I was a kid a local bakery had a very tall layer cake that was cut into rectangular pieces about an inch wide. The cake had bright multicolor layers, just like the Venetian or Italian wedding cookies, with thin jam filling between layers. It was super moist and dense, I think a slice weighed half a pound (ok, that was an exaggeration!) and was frosted on the top in a white frosting. I've been looking for the recipe for years now. Someone I worked with once said she used to work in a bakery and they called them junk cakes. If anyone has a recipe I would be forever grateful! Thanks

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  1. The H.E.B.Grocery Store on O'Conner and Nacogdoches Road in San Antonio used to make what you are describing.You might try Naopolitan Cake, you know like the icecream,which is i think what they called it or try Rainbow Cake.
    I 'll look through some of my most recent magazines, since I swear I saw just such a cake in one.