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not too much chocolate.

looking for good bakery.

price is NOT an issue.

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  1. I always go to Rockwell's in Villa Park. Beautiful cakes of all types. Good for last-minute shopping, too, since they always have a good supply of cakes that can be quickly personalized.

    1. I really like Heidelberg Bakery in Laguna Hills on La Paz.

      1. There's lots of really good cake...depends what you're looking for, though. Let Them Eat Cake in Costa Mesa. Katella Deli in...Cypress? Some of the Vietnamese ones for fruit tarts!

        1. Blackmarket Bakery in Irvine (off Red Hill).

          1. I think Susie Cakes in Newport/Costa Mesa is really good (it's at 17th and Irvine Blvd.)

            Blackmarket Bakery is also very very good, as is Let Them Eat Cake.

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              I second Susie Cakes in NB, definitely better than French's.

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                Susie Cakes cupcakes are my least favorite flavor-wise (of the boutique shops in LA/OC). Are their cakes better?

            2. Are there certain cakes at the bakerys that stand out?

              can you please give recommendations?
              thansk in advance!!

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                Susie Cakes makes a killer carrot cake. Also, if you're into really good chocolate cake they make a great many-layered (like 7 layers or something !) fudge cake that is amazing, IMO.

              2. For the office, I'm now requested to bring in the cakes. I get mine from bakery at 99 Ranch (Chinese) Market in Anaheim (off 5 @ Euclid). The white cake (they also have other flavours) is sooooo nice, airy and not too sweet. The frosting is whipped, also on the less sweet side; the cake is usually topped with seasonal fruit. I think it was $30 for a 1/2 sheet.

                So if you're trying to get away from the sugary sweet cakes and want something less sweet, but in the European/Asian style, then the bakery @ 99 Ranch Market might work for you.

                99 Ranch Market
                651 N Euclid Street, Anaheim, CA 92801

                1. I haven't eaten the cake at Let Them Eat Cake in CM, but the cookies are great. They are not very customer service oriented, but I've heard they make great cakes. Worth an inquiry.

                  1. Blackmarket has cute designs for their cakes but the taste is pretty horrid. I thought the strawberry cake with strawberry buttercream was pretty yumms at Frenchy's Bakery in CM. .. very homestyle tho, not ultra-chic or sheek if you're looking more for aesthetics and not taste.

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                      Really? I had a white cake with passionfruit buttercream from Blackmarket that was outstanding, and a chocolate cake with raspberry filling that was also quite good.

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