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Oct 8, 2008 10:11 PM

biscuit sandwiches

my favorite restaurant in my hometown (columbia, south carolina) is a place called the biscuit house. it's only open weekdays 5am - 11am, but man what a treat for a long day of work ahead. they make amazing biscuit sandwiches: country ham, smoked sausage (i love the taste of mustard in the morning), fried chicken worth killing for, steak and even flounder on the right day. becuase i got used to this stuff, i never really fell in love with biscuits and gravy. i like biscuit sandwiches. anywhere that's not popeyes or the like that makes biscuit SANDWICHES?

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  1. I'm afraid you might be outta luck on this one - something-and-biscuit is one downhome Southern treat that seems never to have caught on here. I know that whenever I do a platter of ham biscuits or tenderloin biscuits for a potluck everyone acts as though they'd never seen such a thing. They also suck'em right up, so in case anyone's feeling entrepeneurial...

    1. You might check with Clementine. I think they have done biscuits with ham in the past. They are still doing biscuits so may be fine about making them for you even if they aren't on their menu right now. Also check with Honey's Kettle in Culver City.

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        Clementine still serves a breakfast sandwich that's composed of a buttermilk biscuit, egg, cheese and shaved country ham.

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          Thanks for the corrected information, vinosnob. I actually looked at their menu, but it is so packed with delicious sounding things to eat that I somehow overlooked that item.

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            Happy to help. That biscuit sandwich is good, but my regular breakfast order at Clementine is the eggs benedict with house-cured gravalx and a sour cream blueberry muffin on the side. Then I just curl up and roll home properly stuffed...

      2. This might not exactly what you're after, but the cafe at Surfas in Culver City (amazing kitchen/restaurant supply store) has the most delicious ham biscuits. Really delish. But that's the only biscuit-related food they have, so I can't say whether it would be worth the trip.

        1. Pann's will definitely do it for you, and their biscuits are great.