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Oct 8, 2008 09:02 PM

Happy Hour - West Hollywood

I need to find a nice place for a happy hour meeting tomorrow evening. Not too loud, not too expensive, in or near Weho.

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  1. The Belmont on La Cienega - great happy hour prices on both food and drinks. The mac and cheese with crab is pretty good too!

    1. The Belmost is a good suggestion but I've found it can be a little loud and crowded depending what time you're actually there. The food is good though and happy hour prices are good too. I like Lola's on Fairfax. they have $5 martinis and other drink specials. Their happy hour food menu is creative, good and very reasonably priced.

      1. i just got an email yesterday that Toast on Melrose by La Cienga is having happy hour. $4-6 drinks and $5 food.

        1. Lola's on Fairfax has happy hour specials on drinks and food. It's big enough that you should be able to find a quiet spot to talk.

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            Lola's sounds good but I can't find a happy hour menu on their website. Can anyone give me some insight in to the happy hour food?

            1. re: Sugar Jones

              24K lounge on Santa Monica near fairfax. Very elegant,upscale,quite early..very noisey late. New exciting drinks. Lots of fresh fruit juice mixes.

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                Lola's changes their HH food menu periodically. I've been there several times with co-workers and friends and I've never heard anyone complain about the food or its quality. Again the menu changes regularly but in the past, I've seen sliders (VERY good!), calamari with a soy/honey drizzle, hot spinach/artichoke dip and fresh made pizza. They usually have some sort of individual pizza on the menu and it's always been good. One time the tomato based sauce was delicious and another time they used an alfredo sauce instead which was equally good.

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