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Oct 8, 2008 08:49 PM

Heading to Vegas Next Week as a Solo Diner

I'm hoping to eat at a "nice" place but wonder if some of the higher-end places frown on solo diners. Anybody have a good or bad solo experience at a nice high-end restaurant not too far from the Strip?

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  1. Solo diners are welcome everywhere. Just pick what you like. This guy ate alone at all these places:

    I think the only issue I've read about is that Craftsteak will not serve their tasting menu to a solo diner. Other than that specific problem, you're good to go anywhere (even Craftsteak, just not the tasting menu).

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    1. re: Debbie W

      Yeah I experienced no problems dining solo and was made to feel very comfortable. I will be heading back again at the end of this month, as a solo diner again, and will be eating at places such as SW steakhouse and Picasso. You will find many solo diners there. Just go and have fun. I usually pick restaurants that have some kind of entertainment since I am dining solo. Picasso has the Bellagio fountains, SW has the lake of dreams, MIX has the best view in the city, but you'll be fine anywhere you go.

    2. I've had very good experiences as a single diner at Boulud, Okada and Tableau. I did sit at the sushi bar at Okada, but table service at other 2. In each case, service was very good if not more attentive. At my last solo dinner at Boulud, the maitre d' was concerned that I have something to read (I brought my iphone for company and said that I was OK). Nevertheless, he chased around to find a newspaper for me. I have been disappointed eating alone at Bouchon -- service was all just a bit off and I felt odd being solo.

      1. I am a frequent Solo diner and have eaten at some of the best restaurants in Vegas. Some of my best experiences have been at Mix, Restaurant Charlie, Guy Savoy and Rosemary's. I actually feel more out of place at some middle to low end places where families and and groups tend to congregate.

        1. Le Cirque, Bouchon, Payard, Delmonico were all great as a solo and I imagine others like Alex would have been, as well.

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            I had a superb time at Alex as a solo diner in August. The staff was very attentive. Was given a great table too. Definitely would return. About six years ago, I also had a great solo dinner at Le Cirque. Not as great experience at Picasso though.