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Oct 8, 2008 08:29 PM


Need some help-

Where are the 2 places I must eat at-
Few notes:

Money is no object
Mostly want seafood
I am with 2 people that do not eat meat

Here are a few places I looked at let me know if I missed any or if you can narrow it down
to 2 dinners and maybe a lunch/brunch

Thx in advance



New American: (expensive, but famously outrageous


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  1. Seafood: Matt's (for the less adventuress: Ray's or Chinook's)
    Pan Asian: Monsoon, definitely
    New American: Tilth or Lark or Stumbling Goat

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    1. re: mrnelso

      I second Matt's and the Stumbling Goat. For sushi, I love Nishino and Chiso. Canlis is wonderful for the view and service, I know it has people on this board who don't care for it, but the service and wine list is top notch.

      1. re: mrnelso

        I second Lark on New American or if you don't mind taking a trip to Kirkland, try Cafe Junita

        Pan Asian: Green Leaf (Vietnamese)
        I love the Umi sake house and Nishino as well. Both would be great choices

      2. For Japanese, Umi is nice although Mashiko in West Seattle is truly fantastic. It's kind of small, so if you're going on a tight schedule you might want to call in for reservations.

        I've heard amazing things about Canlis. That might be worth a look. I'll be going at some point.

        Last weekend I had some excellent salmon at Il Terrazzo Carmine, and my boyfriend had some phenomenal cioppino. It's hidden on first avenue so if you're interested in going, then look for the black awnings on the side of the street closest to the waterfront, or give them a call to confirm where they are. It's between Jackson and King.

        Good luck!

        1. I have many NYC friends who visit here and I, myself,travel there often....this is a tough town for finding restaurants to satisfy a NYer, IMO,....I take my NYC eaters to:
          CANLIS (view, too)
          NELL'S (view, too)
          You can go to their websites and check out their menus.....the quality of the food, libations, artistry, ambiance and service, will not disappoint.

          1. I'm an ex-NY'er and frequent visitor. Matt's in the Market should definitely be added to your list and be one of your two dinners, IMO.

            I think Nishino would be a great contast for the 2nd dinner assuming everyone in the party enjoys sushi. If not, my personal choice would be Dahlia Lounge for the 2nd dinner.

            1. For Japanese- I like Nishino for a flavorful meal out and I stop in at Umi often on late nights or happy hour.
              For New American- I have heard that The Herb Farm has changed since the Head Chef left and opened Poppy this month (it is a new style of dining in Seattle- with a vegetarian offering as well). Tilth is not a favorite of mine. I have heard good things about Union.

              For Lunch/Brunch- Matt's in the Market for Northwest food(catfish sandwich is amazing) or Etta's for a Tom Douglas seafood experience.

              Others mentioned- I like Ray's- it is a Seattle icon. Veil would be a positively good choice. Tom Douglas' Palace Kitchen would be a good choice as well.