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Oct 8, 2008 08:24 PM

Good fried chicken in N. Seattle?

Chowhounders -- Does anyone have advice for great fried chicken north of the ship canal? I elected to try the Pig 'n Whistle rather than drive to Ezell's north location in Lynnwood. My table mates had good dinners--including the 1/2 chicken w/dumplings--but the fried chicken wings, even tho' they sounded good enough, were not. I'm also not a fan of the Wing Dome-style wing that's dipped in hot sauce, preferring a flavored batter. I don't eat fried chicken often, but would love a place to satisfy that occasional craving! Help!

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  1. SAFEWAY makes very good fried chicken in their delis.

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      I'm usually ashamed to admit... but I have to agree. When I have a quick fried chicken craving I head to Safeway and then go home and reheat according to their directions. I get the one that is under the rotisserie chickens in packages of 6, so it hasn't been sitting under the reheating lamps all day.Good amount of pepper in the batter/coating, it does the trick and for a great price. I think around $7 for a large portion of 6 pieces?

    2. not thrilled with what this thread is revealing but, when i lived north end (and lacking better choices), i enjoyed the fried chicken from albertson's - especially the option of choosing white/dark. confess to hearing good things about safeway's offering but never shopped there

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        Having had both the Safeway and Albertson's fried chicken, made at their Mill Creek stores, I clearly prefer the Albertson's. I find it juicier and with a more savory coating than the Safeway version. Albertson's comes closer to a KFC type of fried chicken, which is what I am looking for. Ezells is still better than both of the grocery stores, however.

      2. Having lived in the North I know the choices are minimal- you really only have Ezell's

        1. Not sure if this falls within your area, but I like the fried chicken from the deli at the Ballinger Thriftway.

          1. There's always that Korean fried chicken place inside Paldo World in Lynnwood. Supposed to be as good as Ezell's.

            Fried chicken with banchan...yum...

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