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Oct 8, 2008 07:49 PM

cabbage help

I have a couple of heads of cabbage.
Any suggestions on cabbage dishes, besides slaw?
I was also pondering freezing for future use, but only know about freezing it as slaw. A good recipe for slaw would be appreciated--with preferance as little sugar/honey/sweet.
I've not been fond of cooked cabbage in the past, but might be willing to try a small dish.

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  1. I really like sauteed cabbage. Slice thinly, throw into a med-hot frypan that has some olive oil and butter, sprinkle with something salty, I like to use a pinch or two of powdered chicken bouillon, toss around to get it mixed, turn down the heat, cover and let steam cook for a minute or two until it's the doneness that you like. It doesn't get stinky cooked this way.
    Freezing cabbage turns it soft. I have only used frozen whole cabbage leaves when I want to make stuffed cabbage, it eliminates the need for steaming off the whole leaves.
    An easy coleslaw recipe: These are estimates!! Put about 3 tablespoons of good mayo in a bowl. Add about 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and 1 tablespoon of white sugar and mix well.
    Let sit for a few minutes, taste and adjust any of the ingredients that you think you should.
    Mix some dressing with approximately 2 cups thinly shredded cabbage, adding the dressing a little at a time. Cabbage give off a lot of water, so I make it kind of dry, refrigerate it, and add more dressing if I think it needs it after an hour or so. I don't like it real gloppy. I hope this helps!

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      You can fix the problem of the cabbage giving off too much water. Cut your cabbage and then salt it A Lot! Let it sit heavily salted for about an hour. Then rinse it several times until it doesn't taste salty anymore. The salt will have broken down the cell walls in your cabbage and absorbed the excess moisture. Without this very important first step the acid and salt in your dressing breaks down the cell walls and you end up with watery slaw.

    2. Three things come to mind when I hear cabbage. The first is "bangers and mash" a classic english dish envolving sausage, mashed potatoes and when I make it cabbage cooked slowly with onions, red wine, sugar, s & p to taste, and herbs (i like thyme). Second I love to go southwest with my cole slaw. Julienne some chillies, tomatoes, red onions and add cilantro, garlic, oil, lime, salt and pepper. Great in fish tacos or as a side salad with your mexican dinner. Third sour kraut! Keeps forever. Alton Brown has a good reliable recipe for home made sour kraut on .

      1. You might enjoy this Super Slaw from epicurious...oh, my! It is really mayo and offers an Asian twist ...I always add some freshly chopped jalapeno for heat, but that's optional:

        1. I sometimes like to keep it simple with thinly shredded cabbage in a skillet with a little melted butter. Medium/low heat until it wilts, tender crisp, then add carraway seed (or dill) to taste. S&P to taste.

          1. I recommend sauteed cabbage, braised cabbage and vietnamese chicken salad.

            or this absolutely delicious cabbage salad: