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Oct 8, 2008 07:20 PM

Best Carrot Cake - Northern NJ

I posted on the home cooking board for suggested recipies but in case I am not happy with those...

Any recs for a walnut free, raisen free, cream cheese frosting, DELICIOUS carrot cake for my bf's birthday party? Needs to be in Bergen county (ideally western Bergen (i.e. Ridgewood, Fairlawn), so I can pick it up and bring it to the restaurant in a relatively short period of time...

I have tried:

Wyckoff Bakery - yuck!
Bakery on the corner of Wyckoff ave. and Franklin Tpke in Waldwick (don't know what it's called) - ew!
Bakery in Westwood on the main "drag" there (don't know the name of that either) eh...
Bakery in Woodcliff Lakes near Williams Sonoma which was just ok...

Thank you!

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  1. Have you tried Whole Foods in Ridgewood?

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    1. re: frequentdiner

      Actually it's funny you say that - I forgot to mention it but that's where I got it for him 3 years ago...that is definitely delicious...guess I am just looking for something a little more special? He has issues with the texture of that one sometimes (like if we just get a piece of it) -

      1. re: lovessushi

        why dont you find your perfect recipe and bake it yourself? What can be more special than that?

    2. Try Just Desserts in Hawthorne - a small boutique bakery on Lafayette Ave near Van Winkle Ave in what looks like a residential home until you see the small sign outside. I haven't yet tried their carrot cake, but I've had some of their other cakes and they were wonderful - and the cake menu on their website doesn't list raisins among the ingredients! Webite: