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Oct 8, 2008 06:31 PM


Ok people I did what I felt was almost the hopeless and expensive task of getting tickets to the NYC FOOD & WINE FESTIVAL BURGER BASH in Brooklyn Friday night...If you have been under a rock here it is:

NOW...I am surprising my girlie with the tickets and she is a stickler on dressing to the occasion, what the heck do I tell her to wear? I mean its a "Burger" event, jeans and sneakers come to mind but then again its should be celeb studded being the Marquee Event of the whole festival. Should I dust off the Brioni sports coat and cufflinks...HELPPPPPPP!!!

Your opinions would be greatly appreciated...I will update this post after the event on what we wore with pics and all if anyone cares...

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  1. Well if you're going to follow the host's special tips for how to navigate the tons of food there, wear a shirt you don't mind getting dirty in case you get a little on you when you throw the food away.

    4) Or, take the tip that he's learned from watching Burger Bash hostess Rachel Ray: "Take a bite and throw it away," he says. "Or pass it along to the security guard so you're not wasting it."