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Oct 8, 2008 06:24 PM

24 hour coffee shops in downtown Toronto - Please Help!

Oh lordy, please help, I have family visiting in town and I have a lot of studying to do. Doesanyne know of any not too sketchy 24 coffee shops around say Ryerson from Dundas to Bloor and University to Sherbourne? A place that doesn't frown too much on students drinking copious amounts of coffee for a few hours? Even something that's open until around 3:00am is good as well.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. 7 west

      7 West
      7 Charles St W, Toronto, ON M4Y1R4, CA

    2. 7West at 7 Charles might work. You may have to order a pastry or soup if you're really camping out, but it's a decent option.

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      1. re: Rabbit

        I'd tell your server upfront about your desire to camp out, if you're headed to 7 West, and make sure they'll be okay with that. I've been kicked out - while the place was two-thirds empty, no less - for staying and studying longer than an hour or two. And this was after ordering lunch.

      2. There is a Second Cup at St Michael's Hospital that is open 24 hrs and accessible from the street. It is a little south of the area you have specified but still pretty close.

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        1. re: keloran

          Thanks so much! I would prefer a straight up coffee shop rather than 7West as it can get a little loud in there...Thanks to everyone for your help!

          1. re: canadianbeaver

            Waaay too many drunks after a certain hour....I should know, I've been one of them at one time or another...

            1. re: trinityvan

              Hmm...I guess I never thought of that. Ah, how Chowhound hates Frans'!

          2. Not the loveliest atmosphere, but there is a 24 Tim Hortons at Dundas and University. They definitely won't kick you out for only drinking coffee.
            Good luck with your studying!

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            1. re: toveggiegirl

              also a 24 hour Tims at Yonge & Bloor