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Oct 8, 2008 06:10 PM

Birthday Cakes on Oahu?

I am trying to find out where to buy the yummiest birthday cake for my daughter's first birthday. We live in central Oahu. I have heard good things about Costco, but wondered about the grocery stores here (Star Market, Safeway, the new Whole Foods...) and how everything stacks up... Any help would be much appreciated!

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  1. Try Cakeworks in Moiliili. They did my birthday cake last year and it was amazing, four flavors and it wowed the crowd!

    1. Liliha bakery for da bahddah cake!!!!! they don't delivery so plan on pickup.

      1. Is this for a local style huge 1st birthday bash? If you're thinking sheet cake, Foodland supermarket makes a much better cake than Costco, and is worth the extra cost (people will eat the Costco cake, but will come back for seconds with the Foodland one). If you're looking for a regular round cake, you might also try Saint-Germain bakery (they sell many cakes by the slice so you can figure out which flavor you want before ordering).

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          Great! Thanks! That is what I was looking for. :)

        2. The Advertiser's Best booklet came out yesterday. Liliha won for best desserts, but a critics pick was Cake Works (2820 S. King, 9464333): "...Honolulu's premier freelance designer of cakes...Specializing in custom-made...birthday cakes." If you are rich, that might be the place...

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            That's the place I rec'd. It used to be called "Cakes by Abi" but now it's a storefront business.
            The cake of mine that my friend commissioned was actually a tower of four different flavored
            cupcakes topped with a "present" that was a dense fudge cake covered with fondant to look like a
            gift box with a huge fondant bow. I'm guessing this was not a cheap cake! It was certainly a great gift! I love those Costco sheet cakes whenever I've been to a party as well.

          2. I don't think the retail bakery exists anymore, but Larry's bakery makes the best dobash cakes. It's amazingly light, and way to easy to eat the whole cake by yourself. Last I remember Daiei/HolidayMart/DonQuixoite sells it in both whole and half cakes.