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Oct 8, 2008 04:56 PM

Looking For Online Food Gift Suggestions

Every year I send a relative a gift of food. She's elderly, lives alone, loves good food but isn't into making the effort to produce it, and doesn't eat much so it has to come in single serve portions or be enough for no more than two meals, i.e. a vat of mac and cheese, even if it has lobster in it, will just overwhelm her and go uneaten. She doesn't love sweets and, besides, I'm looking for something filling and nutritious. Previously I've sent fantastic canned tuna (Tuna Guys), frozen soups (Farm Country soups), cheeses and breads(Zingerman's), individual lobster pot pies (Hancock Gourmet), spanish ham and manchego (La Tienda), small packages of smoked fish (Ducktrap). I'm running low on ideas. Has anyone tried Millie's Pierogi? Any other ideas would be very helpful. Thank you.

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  1. I just got my brother the Bacon of the Month club from the Pig Next Door - after a lengthy and frantic search for a BOTMC that didn't have insane shipping charges. They were my choice because they offer an Heirloom option which features: "The animals are raised by small farms that practice sustainable methods and treat their pigs humanely, and by farmers who are motivated by flavor, not by profit."

    Price being a factor, I didn't roll with the Heirloom option but I did manage to get 6 months of product for under $300 which seemed to be the rate everyone else offers. Remains to be seen how it turns out.

    1. The Vermont Country Store has a selection of food and they have a cheddar (individually in wax) sampler, soups in can, maple products, sugar free syrups, cider jelly, wild rice mixes etc.

      La Tienda was going to be a suggestion. They are in the city I live in and they have a small store and I always get thingsd for my parents there. Great choices of unique products.

      1. You might send her some meals from Home Bistro, which has recently seen a vast improvement in taste (ingredients were OK, flavor was very bland. Some I find excellent are tarragon chicken, Sczechuan rice bowl with shrimp (it's not hot), salmon scallop tagine, spaghetti, short ribs. chicken with biscuits, shrimp scampi, jambalaya( also not hot), baby back ribs and pub sausage.

        You might also check out igourmet for an amazing selection of cheese, plus much other stuff.