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Oct 8, 2008 04:54 PM

Newish Pizza place near 30th St. and San Jose Av in SF?

I noticed this a few weeks ago, but haven't heard anything about it. I am not sure I have the location exactly right, but it's somewhere around there. Any reports?

Dave MP

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  1. It's Stefano's. I haven't been (and since I am not a big pizza fan am not in a big hurry to go) but the one report on the board was positive, so would love to hear your take as well.

    Cafe Stefano
    59 30th St, San Francisco, CA

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      We just ate there tonight for the first time. Not the greatest ambience...unused soda cooler in the corner, harsh lighting. Odd layout. A TV blaring Hannah Montana.

      A liquor license is pending, so all they have to drink are sodas in cans and flavored syrups. This place is clearly mom and pop, and there is a genuine, earnest vibe. It was almost full when we were there, seemed like a mix between friends of the owners and neighborhood walk ins.

      They offer a few housemade pastas as well as salads and pizza. The two of us shared a baby spinach salad with pear...the spinach was definitely not baby, but it was still tasty. Pears were not fresh, walnuts were not toasted. But even so, it was not a bad salad.

      We shared a pizza margherita which had a garlic salt taste. The crust is very thin, with a delicate chew. The pizza was unique and I'd like to try another, this time with red sauce.

      A meal for two was only $20, so it's a bargain (of course that was without beverages as we drank water).

      It's a modest place worth checking out in you are in the 'hood, but I doubt worth traveling very far for.

      Their menu:

      1. re: Absonot

        >>It's a modest place worth checking out in you are in the 'hood, but I doubt worth traveling very far for.<<

        Agreed. But for those of us nearby, it is a cool little find, especially for families. My son gives his thumbs up to the pizza and the calamari fritti. They have a wine and beer license now with a decent selection of modest wines that fit the place well. So very Mom and Pop, who couldn't be friendlier.

    2. Just went there on Saturday for brunch.

      We had a trouble deciding between two pizzas and they offered to make it half and half.

      Pizza Valle Verde
      Mixed vegetables, fresh tomato, mozzarella and pesto sauce

      Pizza Margherita
      Fresh tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil and pecorino cheese.

      The pizza reminded me of hole in the wall pizzas I've had in Connecticut. The crust was thin, crispy, and light. Toppings were sparse. All in all, I liked it for ~$10 and ~14" pie.

      I found that the Pizza Valle Verde side of the pizza suffered from being a bit moist. The pizza got soggy through the meal. I wish someone would implement a draining mechanism for pizzas to prevent this.

      Service was spotty not snotty. Very nice folks, but I get the sense that they're still working out timing and consistency.

      Unexpected: for weekend brunch, they've got omelets for ~7.50.

      I live fairly close by, so I'm sure I'll be back.

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        Cafe Stefano
        59 30th St, San Francisco, CA

        1. re: leefc

          We had dinner here the other night, and my companion also mentioned New Haven pizza.

          We shared a mixed salad, which they kindly split for us, a margarita pizza, and lasagne. Everything was delicious. I thought the pizza crust was perfect, charred on the bottom without tasting charred. Lasagna was equally good. Portions are big. Prices are very fair ($11-14, with a few higher priced specials. The risotto particularly appealed).

          With a glass of chianti, dinner for two came to $42 before tip. Big thumbs up for the unpretentious neighborhood Italian. We walked over to Mitchell's, where I got a cone of yuzu sorbet. (So much for unpretentious, but it was good).

          Check it out. They even deliver.

            1. re: rworange

              are you referring to Sally Apizza ( and/or Pepe's (

              excellent pizzas

              Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana
              157 Wooster St, New Haven, CT 06511

              Sally's Apizza
              237 Wooster St Ste 1, New Haven, CT 06511

              1. re: 52X

                No. I'm responding to a San Francisco post by Windy and wondering what New Haven Pizza has to do with all of this. Those links aren't helpful on a San Francisco board.

                1. re: rworange

                  Yes, I was referring to New Haven legends Sally's and Pepe's. The post I replied to by leefc mentioned pizza from holes in the wall in Connecticut.

                  1. re: Windy

                    And does it compare to either? I guess I should try it for myself, but all that talk about crust and toppings was a real red flag that it had nothing to do with Connecticut pizza. One of the things that places just don't get out here is the sauce ... and even most holes in the walls in CT have good sauce.

                    And they keep it simple. There's not a lot of choices but there is good quality ... and I don't mean the sausage maker of the moment ... but the same guys making the same sausage for generations.

                    I'm sorry, I appreciate local pizza for what it is, but if there is a pie locally that makes me swoon like a CT pizza I'm so there.

                    I don't want to divert this into a thread about what is good pizza or not. I'm just asking, is it anything at all like New Haven Pizza?

                    1. re: rworange

                      Our whole family are big fans of Stefano's, and big fans of their pizza. There was one time where I went to pick up a pie, and the crust had not held up to the toppings because they made it too thin. Mom apologized and gave us the problem pizza free and made another for us. Aside from that we have yet to order anything we did not really like there. As I said above, its not really a destination as much as a local treasure. But I'd love to see them get more business, so by all means check it out for yourself.

                      As for the CT reference, my wife is from Hartford and she tells me her CT pizza memory is of round pizza's cut into annoying squares, and pizzas that just are not as good as Stefano's. But she does not know about New Haven pies...

            2. re: Windy

              Our last visit two weeks ago, the lasagna was overcooked and calamari fritter was too chewy. Seafood risotto was lacking flavors. A new chef/cook, perhaps? amatriciana was good, though.

              1. re: الشره

                The primary cook is the owner, or pop in the mom & pop combo, so there may be new help in the kitchen, but the chef is not new and should have been looking out for these problems. I have had them comp a pizza for me, actually they rejected the pie their help had cooked, offered me a free glass of wine if I'd wait for a new pie, and gave me the rejected pie free. So they may have some consistency / quality issues, but they try and keep and eye out and have taken care of me when things are not right.

                And my son is known to them as "Mr. Calamari" so I can tell you that the calamari is usually quite good. Puzzling...