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Oct 8, 2008 04:22 PM

Refrigerate after opening

Does it seem to anyone else that this important message is hard to find on a lot of products? Is this a result of the manufacturers' scheme to have food go bad so they can sell more? I swear you have to read the fine print frequently to find this a great majority of the time. I wish they would also have an "OK not to refrigerate" statement just for clarity.

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  1. I probably buy different products than you do, but I haven't found that hard to locate.

    1. I know what you mean: I bought eggs recently and even though the shells are stamped with a number, including a code to indicate what conditions they were raised in ... no "refrigerate after opening" warning, what's up with that? Found that out the hard way, but it's a lesson well learned...

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        Customs vary. Here in Mexico, at least where we live, eggs are almost never refrigerated in the stores. We refrigerate them when we get home.

        1. re: Anonimo

          Looks like my attempt at humor was an utter failure. We buy eggs here in France unrefrigerated, too; what I meant is that once you open an egg, you better refigerate any parts you don't use immediately...

      2. Just noticed the same thing last night on balsamic glaze. I completely agree.

        On more than one occassion, Ive learned the hard way that my assumptions have indeed been wrong.

        1. But what does 'refrigerate after opening' imply? Will the product spoil (develop harmful bacteria) if left out for a day? or will it develop surface mold sooner if left out (say in 1 month instead of 3 months)? Or do they have a typical 6 mth to 1yr fridge life in mind?

          Usually I use my own judgment and experience. If it has proteins in it, such as eggs or meat stock, it goes in the fridge right away. On the other hand vinegary sauces stay out regardless of this warning.

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            I wish manufacturers would clarify as well. In many cases the "refrigerate after opening" has more to do with quality than health and safety. In other words the food likely will not become dangerous to eat but it's taste, texture or color may degrade faster if left at room temperature. "Refrigerate after opening" does not distinguish these two possibilities. I'd like to see the two reasons for refrigeration differentiated as in "Must be refrigerated for safety" or "We recommend refrigeration to maintain quality".