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Oct 8, 2008 04:16 PM

What markets for cheap lamb/mutton/goat?

If I want chicken thighs, I know that Market Basket will have them for $0.89 or $0.99 a pound (and sometimes Shaw's might, too, if I'm lucky).

Where do I go for the cheapest lamb, mutton, or goat? What sort of price should I expect to pay for said meat? Assume I'm buying a cheaper cut that needs long cooking, or has bones; not a leg or tender part.

I don't have a good sense of which South Asian and Middle Eastern stores have good quality and affordable meat. I usually just go for the spices.

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  1. I'm not sure if they are the cheapest, but I've been really happy with the lamb & goat that I've been getting from the Waltham India Market at 327 Moody St. I can't remember the price per pound, but it is somewhere around $4.

    When you enter the store, there isn't a butcher in sight so head to the back of the store, go down the stairs, and that's where you will find the butcher. He'll cut your lamb, goat, chicken, etc. anyway you ask.

    I know that you can get boneless lamb leg for a little cheaper at Costco, but I like cooking with bones.

    1. There's a Halal market in Haymarket. Don't recall the prices but it's very reasonable and carries goat/lamb.

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        There's at least two Halal butchers on Blackstone (the street the Haymarket is on). Both have lamb and goat at very cheap prices. Merguez sausages, too.

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          Just walked by and the market to the left of the cheese shop was carrying in goat carcasses..lot of them.

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            They were doing that last night, too. Our joke at Pete's Pub is that the van they unload them from has "Wonderland" marked on the side, but I've actually bought goat from there and it's good.

      2. Earlier today Itaunas posted that the Chelsea Market Basket has goat meat. I have yet to get there and I don't know the price but it's next for my shopping trek. The Reading store does not carry it.

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          As Karl has posted before, the store managers at MB seem to have more say in stocking decisions than most local chains, so there are some local items which other stores will not carry. From MB, I recall thinking that the Burlington/Lexington store always seemed to have more lamb (and greek products) than other nearby stores. Goat I see pretty regularly at Somerville and more so in Chelsea, but its mostly limited to stewing meat except at holidays when they have additional cuts. The only somewhat mainstream supermarket where I have seen a whole goat leg recently was the Malden Super88.

          Haymarket probably isn't all that local to Karl, but if you make the commute you can get validated parking for the Parcel 9 Garage (they have been trying to take this away or limit it, so ask if the store has a petition to sign). I suspect 9lives is talking about Blackstone, but make sure you also take a look at Puritan Beef (they definitely validate) which also has goat and lots of other useful things (for instance turkey drumsticks cut into 1 inch pieces which are great for stewing).

          I don't buy as much lamb as I used to, but mostly get it from the Davis McKinnon's. They seem to have pretty decent prices, some bone in, but more quick cutting cuts and leg. They also usually have bone-in stewing frozen only and I got a frozen saddle of lamb from there, bone in. I used to buy a lot of lamb shanks -- a great long cooking cut, which the Burlington MB and others definitely carry, but I find them pretty expensive per-lb (wild guess 3.99?). For goat itself, the prices seem to be slightly better at Mayflower which usually has inexpensive stew meat, plus some bone-in options in the freezer. I haven't been in a long time and its even further than Haymarket, but Hi-Lo in JP certainly carries some.

          FWIW, there might be better options for goat in Metrowest. For instance I hunted around for a whole cabrito a few years ago, which I was able to order through a Brazilian butcher in Framingham, but between Brazilian butchers in Somerville/Medford and a couple of places in Newmarket I struck out. Not certain about all the Halal places, but with Brazilian specialty butchers goat was definitely more expensive than McKinnons, Mayflower, or Demoulas.

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            I got some goat shanks for $4/lb at the Somerville MB yesterday. They had a bunch of packages just labeled GOAT MEAT that were mostly shanks, with a few bits of tail and miscellaneous bony pieces mixed in.

        2. I've seen goat at Mayflower Poultry (Live Poultry Fresh Killed). On Cambridge St., Cambridge. I don't specifically recall price per pound, but I remember thinking that it was very reasonably priced.

          1. I don't recall the price but we've been quite happy with the goat from Food Land, a Bangladeshi halal market on Mass. Ave. in North Cambridge (near Davis Sq.)