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Oct 8, 2008 03:44 PM

Big League Chew

Anybody know where I can find a pouch of this in LA? Is it even available in old-school, vintage candy shops?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. try 99 cent store, i think i've seen it there

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    1. re: LisaN

      At any Little League game that has a concession stand open you should be able to get it. Also, I believe I've seen it (purchased it) at Rite-Aid or Walgreen's.

      1. re: Fru

        I've seen it at my local Vons (Los Feliz Blvd/San Fernando Road.) It's in the aisle with all the bigger bags of candy, not at the check-outs. You have to hunt for it a little, not at eye level. Seems to be available at most drug stores/super markets.

        1. re: Fru

          Little leagues must get it from Smart & can get a box of it.

      2. Most little leagues are in "fall ball" right now, so the concessions may be generally open on Saturdays - go and support your local little league!!

        1. check the local drugstores too. has CVS made it to LA yet? i just saw a girl at a CVS in jersey buying it a couple of weeks ago...seeing that sent me on a serious nostalgia trip!