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Oct 8, 2008 03:23 PM

Help for Halloween

I have an odd question, and I figure if anyone can help me with an obscure food issue, it's you guys. For a prop for a Halloween costume, I need to make drinkable fake blood. Most of the recipes I've run across have involved a corn syrup base. YUCK. I don't want the sugar high. I was thinking of using a cranberry or cran-grape juice as the base. It's about the right color. But I need to figure out how to thicken it and make it slightly opaque. Any suggestions?

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  1. Pomegranate juice thickened with gelatin or, if you'd care to heat it, corn starch.

    1. there's a product called Thick-It which is made for people who have swallowing problems. I think you could find it at a medical supply store, and you could adjust thickness easily. You just stir it in- easy.

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        I agree with pigtails. My FIL had to use this product during his recovery from a tracheotomy. It works really well, no need to heat, and is stable. It is commonly found in medical suppy stores, and possibly pharmacies. Just add to your cranberry juice until you get the right consistency. I'd also suggest cranberry pomegranate juice - the pom juice adds a deeper, darker red.

      2. Make a strawberry puree and then drain in a sieve. Add juice to thin, if necessary.

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          Strawberry puree sounds good, or do the same with frozen raspberries.

          And you could cook them down to a syrupy drink.