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Oct 8, 2008 03:13 PM

Buying Olive Oil in Rome


I have the fortune to visit Rome next week. I want to purchase some really spectacular oil while there. First of all is it too early for 2008 oils? Second where can I find the freshest and best oil in Rome?


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  1. its early, but there should be some 2008 "olio nuovo" available in October. Id go to a place like Volpetti , which has a wide variety of small producer oils, and ask. The oil should be marked with its year of origin, not just its "consume by" date, tho if the latter date is in 2010 you probably have new crop oil. In the past, I have found wonderful new crop oil even in supermarkets and sometimes directly from farmers in outdoor markets, but Ive not yet seen the latter in Rome.

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      Thanks for the advice Jen. By the way what is Volpetti?

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        Volpetti is a legendary Roman food shop..among the best in the world!

        Here is their site; another place where I have bought oil is Buccone on the Via di Ripetta in the Tridente area.

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          nothing to do with olive oil, but Volpetti offers tastings of cheeses, etc at quiet times.
          I bought the most wonderful corbezzolo honey from sardinia, which we are now eating with great pleasure with sheep and other savory cheeses, as well as some super fresh sardinian torrone made with local honey and nuts.

    2. roscioli on via dei giubbonari (campo de fiori neighborhood) and franchi on via cola di rienzo (prati/vaticano) are two other options.

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      1. Is it too late? At Enoteca Pallatium you can find excellent olive oils from Lazio.