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Oct 8, 2008 03:00 PM

russian standard vodka

a woman i met in the liquor asserted that it was her new favorite, and the price just can't be beat. what's the deal? how does it compare to other premium vodkas?

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  1. russian standard has a bit of character or kick to it in my opinion. Personally, I prefer Zyr, I think it is one of the better mass market grain vodkas I've tasted. however, Russian standard is a pretty good deal and I use it in cocktails where I want that kick to come through, such as in a cosmo. If you want a smooth clean vodka on the cheap, i think Polar Ice might be better.

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      1. Russian Standart compares quite well. Viscous, smooth and more than a touch of that bread-y note on the finish that Russian vodkas are known for. A very nice vodka at a good price.

        1. For about the same price, a better choice is Youri Dolgoruki. It's superior to any "premium"grain-based vodka ; only problem is its distribution seems to be more limited. But, it's sold in Los Angeles as well as online if your state permits shipping.

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