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Oct 8, 2008 02:56 PM

condiment conundrums

where do you keep your soy sauce and where do you keep your ketchup? it seems that this varies from kitchen to kitchen.
personally, i have to keep my ketchup in the fridge but my soy sauce is more flexible. sometimes it stays in the cupboard/pantry and sometimes i store it in the fridge.

what's the deal? is there a right or a wrong?

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  1. We keep our ketchup in the fridge too, don't know why, I guess cause that's just how my mother did it. I checked the ketchup label and it says "for best results refrigerate after opening". The last time I bought a bottle of soy sauce I was really taken aback to see on the label "refrigerate after opening". In 30 years I'd never been made sick by soy sauce kept in the cabinet. I don't know if it really matters, but what the heck, it's in the fridge now too.

    1. We don't use ketchup. We keep tamari, salsa, hot sauce, etc in the fridge after they've been opened.

      1. I've seen several different occcasions of fermented ketchup; sadly a few of them on diner counters. Yep, that refrigerates. As for soy, I have never considered refrigerating that. Hum. Now I am thinking. Any one seen examples of "bad" soy?

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          "I've seen several different occcasions of fermented ketchup"

          Yep, me too. I worked in a diner type place when I was a teenager and I can remember we had to "marry" the ketchup bottles (pouring emptier bottles into fuller ones to make a full bottle) and they would often start to ferment - ugh. They were storedd on the shelf too. I keep ketchup in the fridge and soy sauce in the cupboard.

          FYI, I keep butter in the fridge for long term storage and a stick in the cupboard for every day use (toast, rolls, sandwiches).

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            I store my butter in the same way as you. I refuse to buy the spreadable butter as I grew up store butter that was in use in the cupboard, generally the ambient temperature (except in the middle of winter) is enough to keep it to a spreadable consistency (and it tastes far nicer than the 'spreadable' stuff).

            I keep commercial 'ketchup' (I think it's just referred to as tomato sauce in Aust.) in the cupboard along with my soy sauce (it's already a fermented product) but I keep my sister's homemade tomato sauce in the fridge once I open it.

            1. re: irisav

              My SO and I sat down to dinner a couple of years ago. We had the cupboard butter and spread it on our bread. We took a couple bites and then I remarked, "does something taste strange to you?" He agreed but we couldn't figure out what it was. It almost tasted of blue cheese.

              After racking my brain, I had a light bulb moment - It was the butter - unsalted - that I had kept in the cupboard! From that day on, I always make sure to keep salted butter in the cupboard!

        2. I put them in the fridge after opening, but usually keep them in the cupboard before opening.

          1. My big can stock of Kikkoman is in the ref. The good local soy sauce gallon jug is in the pantry. Opened ketchup is in the ref.