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Oct 8, 2008 02:46 PM

Barbados restaurants

Anyone have suggestions for quality, reasonably priced restaurants in Barbados, especially (but not exclusively) in Holetown and Bridgetown? I'm going to be there for a month, so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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  1. Hi

    We'll be there Oct21-Nov3. Our son recently was transferred there for a 6 month stint.

    Lois Swanson who post on here has an isider tips to Brabados. Mostly Hotels and upper end restaurants, but she offers lots of advice and many useful tidbits as well. Do asearch on "Barbados" here and you'll find the link

    1. Calabanza was terrific..and theres an Italian place down the street (names alluding me) in Fitz Village that is pricey but good..right on the beach too

      1. HI Jon,

        Check out my new website about Barbados -- lots of restaurant details there including pricing.
        I'm doing this now instead of my e-mail tips. You can still write me directly with your questions at:

        1. I largely ate on the west coast, since that was where I was staying. Among my favorites were Sassafras (at Sugar Hill)--I remember a particularly splendid ravioli appetizer; Scarlett (great little bistro in Paynes Bay) and Cariba (lovely little family owned place in Derrick's Gap that had an amazing shrimp curry). Olives and the Muse in Holetown were nice choices as well, and I really enjoyed Patisserie Flint in Holetown for reasonable lunches (simple but tasty sandwiches) and great little desserts.

          I had a calamitous attempt to eat at the Tides. I asked them for directions (this was early in my stay), and they somehow got it into their heads that I was staying at a very nearby hotel (walking distance) rather than the one at which I was staying. I started to walk, and got drenched in a torrential downpour. I had to return to the hotel--I was soaked through--and when I called, they were barely apologetic. In essence, it wasn't their fault that it rained, and the receptionist had changed her version of what happened by the time it got to the manager--I had apparently told her the name of a hotel within walking distance (why on earth would I tell them I was staying at a hotel I'd never heard of and at which I wasn't staying?). I wrote them an email about it, and they didn't respond, so should I return to Barbados, the Tides will continue not to be on my list of places to eat.

          On the plus side, Brown Sugar's lunch buffet was a lot of fun and a good way to sample some Bajan basics.

          1. Don't forget to check out the little beachside places. I know many of them look like they serve fast-food fare, but we were very pleasantly surprised by one place called "Tim's", I think. When you're on your way in the direction of Bridgetown to Brighton Beach, it was right at the beginning of where Brighton Beach began. Fantastic fish! Nothing to complain about there.

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