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Oct 8, 2008 02:17 PM

Celebrity chef burger places the new "thing"?

Hello all. A few moments ago, I spotted a post on that pertained to Rachel Ray's announcement of opening her own burger place. This, coming after Bobby Flay's recently opened burger joint, seems to point to burger places being the new trend in the celebrity chef world. What are your thoughts on these new places? Personally, I am rather indifferent. For me, the more the merrier. If the burger is good, its better for the consumer. If the burger place flops, then I just shrug my shoulders and return to my go-to burger place. Though, I do believe that, especially in a city with renowned burger places as NYC is (see: How I Met Your Mother), it will be very difficult to make a dent in the burger scene. What about everyone else?

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  1. A lot of the local well known chefs in Houston are also jumping on that bandwagon, but it is all about sliders. and not just burger meat, but all different kinds. I think it's kind of odd, especially since places like Fridays and Chili's already have been there, done that, but I guess they figure that's what we want, so skip the foie gras and give us burgers.

    1. You're right, buger joints are coming on strong and it may be a sign of the times. After all, the burger remains one of our great comfort foods in times of stress...
      You can also mention noted chef Michel Richard in D.C. He is touting a new burger concept restaurant too...

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      1. re: gutreactions

        I'm also indifferent. I will continue to support my favorite burger places.

      2. Sign of the times. The profit margin with burgers is pretty good. The retail price is not prohibative for the consumer to enjoy often.
        How difficult is it really to make good burgers? Not like you are dealing with a lot of different items that require a lot of prep and skill to prepare. Just get the fries down and your half way home.

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        1. re: scubadoo97

          And I would say that the profit margin for those tiny little sliders is even better. It'a almost ridiculous how much some places charge for 3 tiny burgers.

        2. Didn't know it was a national trend..... but in Ft Worth, there's Love Shack - proprietor: Tim Love of Lonesome Dove.

          Though greasy, the burger is really good - a mix of tenderloin and brisket. It surprises me that he doesn't have the buffalo burger available since it's on the menu at the "big" restaurant.