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Oct 8, 2008 02:11 PM

Greek Wine Suggestion???

I have been invited to a Greek themed dinner party, and have been asked to bring a Greek dessert, as well as a Greek wine to pair with it. I am thinking of making a twist on baklava, that uses apples as part of the filling...

Any ideas on what to pair with it???

Or, if you have another Greek dessert/wine combo, I would love to hear that too!

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  1. Samos makes some great dessert wines from late harvest muscat. Their Grand Cru is truly fantastic-- reminiscent of a px sherry, but with that signature orange blossom and peach aroma from the muscat.

    1. Those Samos dessert wines are interesting. Just read about them. The Grand Cru might pair well with galactoboureko, but baklava might need a wine with more heft like the Anthemis.
      Just make sure that whatever the dessert, especially if it's baklava, is less sweet than
      the wine. You'll probably have to adjust the amount of sugar or honey downward.

      I'd probably make a pistachio baklava or a dessert with figs. Either roast figs in some liqueur, then serve them in pretty dishes with creme fraiche, or, a fig struedel in phyllo with dollops of
      goat cheese. Goes well with any botrytised wine.

      1. I think you are in the bay area?

        Actually, it's been my experience that it can be remarkably difficult to find excellent Greek wine, but a few outstanding producers - brought in through Berkeley-based distributor WineWise - that you should look into are: GENTILINI, THIMIOPOULOS, MERCOURI ESTATE, ARGYROS ESTATE, BIBLIA CHORA ESTATE, DOMAINE GEROVASSILIOU.

        These are especially nice in that they focus on the native varietals - which nobody has heard of, I know - but I think they are more interesting than Cab, Merlot, etc.

        A quick trip to should help you find something.


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          Nice post. Any stickies by those producers?

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            I do not think so... so you may want to defer to my other colleagues if you're looking for a pairing with dessert.