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Oct 8, 2008 02:08 PM

Any more changes at Jin Saugus??

Just curious, I saw a note of a nightclub opening which is exactly where Jin's "Dragon Room" (they ran a nightclub for a while, then had problems and pushed things over to the Oasis Room, but recently went back to it) with a name like Illusions. Has the restaurant part of Jin changed at all recently? The new Waylus' come to be (they old sign can still mostly be read)?
(hargau has mentioned a website in the past mentioning "The new Waylus" but the hot pot buffet continued).

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  1. I went last week for mid-week dim sum. I didn't notice any changes. Though to note... midweek dim sum is $2 a dish! You can order off the dim sum menu or the carts. They even had my fav fried durian rice cake balls. good deal considering its close to home, I didn't have to drive through boston, they have free parking, no wait and everything was excellent. Though I didn't have my husband who speaks cantonese with me. It was a really different experience! They gave us forks immediately and didn't ask us what kind of tea we wanted. A lot of the more chinese carts just passed us by like tripe and chicken feet.

    1. anyone been for dinner since the nightclub opened? I wanted to have a family style dinner next week and really do not want to deal with a bunch of drunks or loud music while we eat.

      husband got some take out 2 weeks ago that was good. scallop fried rice, a tender beef with sauce dish that I can't remember the name, and some pepper/salt shrimp. All very yummy.

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        The nightclub is downstairs and I don't believe it starts until later (9-10pm). In any case, although its a "new nightclub" at the time of that earlier posting in October, they have been running nightclubs since within a few months of opening (much to the chagrin of the licensing board who had been promised a restaurant only business). They closed it after a run-in with some Hells Angels, but brought it back before the above name change. If you have been before for dinner, I doubt there is any change in scene/atmosphere (they are doing the hot pot buffet, plus a la carte dining).

        I haven't been recently in the evening, but have been a couple of times this past month for weekday Dim Sum. Decent selection with mixed execution and some things stay on the cart too long. One server on one visit was very enthusiastic about showing us fresh items, another on another visit had to be called to bring the cart by and on this visit we were offered a bunch of not so fresh items. There also is a bar with several fried (mainly fish/seafood - s/p squid, mackerel, small silvery fish... and noodles) with two sizes of plates. Its a nice addition for the area and some of the Dim Sum bettered their a la carte offerings when it opened (which were much better than the buffet versions), but its hard to get excited about it as even a weekday destination.

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          Thanks for the night report... I didn't know it had been open that long. I have been there for dinner since the nightclub opened and I didn't know it.
          We go there for dim sum a lot (mostly on the weekend but I go once a month with my chick-friends during the week) we almost always there at peak time so freshness isn't as much as a problem or during the week I order off the dim sum menu (go early). As long as they have ample parking, no wait, half decent dim sum and the cantonese chatter is loud enough to drown out 2 little kids I am totally happy.

          seriously? hell's angels? So chinese restaurants and the local dunks seems to be their new hangouts...sounds badass..

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            Just wanted to mention we went last week for a family dinner. The place was hopping at 5pm on a sunday! The club was open but not many people there. The rest of the place was packed with families though. We had traditional Cantonese fare. Scalloped fried rice, oysters in a clay pot, shrimp with a mayo sauce, salted chicken, and crab maw soup. All very good!