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Best Burger in Annapolis

OK, I've seen the postings about DC and Baltimore, but where is the best burger in the Annapolis area. Tried Five Guys, and it is...Five Guys. So how about some other options?

Bonus points for great onion rings.

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  1. I think Cheeburger Cheeburger has great onion rings. The burgers -- not so much. They're only OK.

    1. I'm not really sure that Annapolis has a great burger place. Five guys, cheeburger cheeburger, Red Robin, etc. are okay, but I can't think of an outstanding independant place. It would be great if the area could get something in the Hellburger vain, or even a bar that has a phenominal burger. But I just can't think of anything that's blown me away. Outside of Annapolis, Garry's grill has a decent burger (the B&A), but again, not amazing. Maybe I'm missing one, we'll see what others come up with.

      1. My husband is looking for a good burger and has come up dry as well. He has tried the places named so far; none are standouts. Cheeseburger cheeseburger was a read disappointment given the name of the place. Fuddruckers is the best he has been able to find.

        1. I've enjoyed a decent burger at Davis' Pub though I don't know how it compares to Cheeburger Cheeburger, Five Guys or Red Robin. I've heard there is a place in Market House that has a good burger. At least two of my pals prefer the Boatyard Bar & Grill burger. I've not tried it. When you find the best burger, or the best ANYthing in Annapolis, please share the joy and tell us about it.

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            I've not had Boatyard's burger, but I was wondering if it was good. They seem like they'd be a good burger place, given the good quality of their other food. I'd be surprised to find a good burger in the market house, especially now that almost everything's out of there.

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              I'll second lures,the burger is very good,pricey,but very good. leafman

          2. The Boatyard has a very good burger.

            Lures in Crownsville (where the old Sputnik was located) has an excellent kobe burger. I've eaten it several times and recommend it.

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              Does the Boatyard allow you to order to temperature (MR?) or are they all MW-W? I love this place but have never tried the burger. Will have to go for lunch soon.

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                Boatyard is amazing! I typically can get it about medium, medium rare. Sometimes they do cook it more well done than I like but the meat is rich enough that it's never dry. They have nice selection of good quality toppings and I have never been disappointed.

                Fuddruckers is also good but they don't have a wide range of toppings. Their fresh baked buns are the best, though!

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                  Since you brought this thread back up, I'd say that Punk's Backyard Grill hands down now offers the best burger in Annapolis. A burger topped with gorgonzola with a side order of cucumber salad is fine eating. Not as big of a burger as Fuddruckers or Chee Burger Cheeburger, and I like the atmosphere of Boatyard, but Punk's is definately the highest quality.

              2. re: Ichabod

                Are you kidding me!?! Boatyard's burgers are absolute CRAP. Either the people who ate them here were really drunk, like their burger cooked WELL DONE, have no taste buds or maybe a few years back it was a different story. But I just ate a burger there because I read it was good on this post and boy was I disappointed. It's like someone slapped a frozen pattie on their dirty backyard grill and overcooked it. Absolute Crap. Avoid at all costs. Here's the thing...for people who truly love a tasty well cooked burger - Grilling a burger over an open flame is actually one of the worst ways to cook it. WHY? because all of it's tasty fat falls away into flame and proceeds to scorch the burger. Flat tops are the only way to go because the burger cooks in all of it's greasy fatty goodness, and that's where the flavor is....that and quality ground beef. Also if a restaurant cooks your burger WELL DONE no matter if you ask for Medium, Medium Rare, Medium Well, I tend to dislike that, maybe it's just me. It's even worse when the meat is bland.
                Now out of the chain restaurants....
                My current favorite: Ruby Tuesdays Triple Prime Burger (most tasty ground beef you'll find in a chain restaurant, and they cook it right) I used to hate Ruby Tuesdays but since they did a facelift on their menu, it's a different story. Try this burger, then compare it to your favorite burger.
                The Rest:
                Cheeburger Cheeburger - pretty good, but doesn't compare to the triple prime.
                Five Guys - good if your in the mood for greasy, patties are thin but ok for what it is.
                Fuddruckers - Used to be decent but it's no better than a fast food joint now. Your blinded by the toppings and good tasting bun to realize the meat sucks. They also overcook the burger everytime, no matter how you want it cooked.

              3. The SO here seconds Davis's Pub! Their onion rings are quite good too -- just ask for them in leiu of fries (No charge). Davis's crab cakes also rank among the best here too.

                1. My favorite burger (besides Five Guys) is at Grumps. I was surprised at how good it was. I haven't been back since, but I'd go there first if I were looking for a burger.

                  Davis' Pubs burgers are pretty good and I like the atmosphere better than Grumps.

                  1. Heros and Fados have a great Med rare burger..Pizza sucks in Maryland I miss Chicago

                    1. Cheeburger Cheeburger in Annapolis is OK. Fuddruckers has faded in quality. Five Guys is still a good fast greasy burger. Anybody weigh in on Chick and Ruth's in Annapolis...they offer burgers and other deli sandwiches. I think Man vs. Food did an episode at Chick and Ruth's.

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                        Try the Double TT Diner on the corner of West St and Route 2. Gordon Biersch they have some tasty burgers try the Kobe Cheeseburger its a little pricey but good

                      2. I haven't found any consistently good burger spots in many many years living in and around Annapolis.

                        I like 5 guys, have heard good things about Cheeburger, but have never been, the Boatyard was great when it opened, but I haven't been there in a couple years.

                        I've have breakfast at Grumps twice, and both experiences were so bad that I will never return.

                        Burgers in the area seem to be necessary menu items, that aren't given much serious attention.

                        Garry's Grill in Severna Park is generally very good.

                        I hate to admit the best burger I've had recently was the Hangover burger at Austin Grill at the mall. http://www.austingrill.com/menu.html

                        Chili, cheese, bacon, jalapenos topped with a fried egg. It's as good as it sounds. Unfortunately the rest of their menu is typical, fairly uninspired Tex-Mex. For every item that is better than average, there's one that is done very poorly. Last time in I tried the Joe Ely Combo, good chicken taco, dry-tasteless tamale, and a beef enchilada that salty to the point of being inedible.

                        Garry's Grill
                        553A Baltimore Annapolis Blvd, Severna Park, MD 21146

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                        1. re: laststandchili

                          I still stand by the Punk's grill inclusion. It's not a huge burger, and it's pricey. But it's by far the best quality burger in Annapolis.

                          1. re: Jason1

                            This is an extremely old thread so that is why Punk's wasn't on it at the beginning. I heartily agree that Punk's is the current best in terms of quality.

                            1. re: ktmoomau

                              Ended up at Punks last night to meet friends, and was very unimpressed with our meal.

                              I had the classic burger and was asked how I wanted it done which was kind of exciting. I requested medium. When it arrived it was of course cooked well as the patty was so thin there was really no shot at any other level of doneness. Very small, thin patty completely overwhelmed by a large, sweetish, dry roll.

                              My wife had the lamb burger listed as a special. Also small, dry and uninspired. We each had a small side, bland overcooked mac and cheese, and coleslaw that could best be described as inoffensive.

                              All this plus a glass of wine and a soda came to nearly $40. I spent the rest of the night trying to calculate our bill in my head as it doesn't seem possible to have spent so much. I should have gotten the reciept.

                              I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to a basic burger. Kind of like pizza, even when it's not great, it's still ok. This wasn't, and at an unacceptable price. I also think the premise of "backyard dining" in a mall restaurant is bothersome.

                          2. re: laststandchili

                            The best burger in Annapolis comes off the grill on the back of my boat. *grin*

                            Eastport Yacht Club on First St has an outstanding burger, although the chef is changing so they will have to keep their reputation up. Find a friend who is a member and go on Tuesday (burger) night.

                            I do like the burger at Davis' Pub (the potato salad option instead of fries is a great counterpoint).

                          3. O'Loughlins off of College Parkway has a great burger, and they have those thin shoestring fried onions instead of the traditional rings.
                            Davis' Pub in Eastport, with bounus onion rings.

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                            1. re: lidunn

                              Thats good to hear. I get dragged to OLoughlins on a fairly regular basis and have been limiting myself to soup after a series of bad experiences. Never had the burger though.

                              1. re: laststandchili

                                I agree, almost everything there is mediocre, but their burgers, wings, and bbq chicken (monday night special) are all outstanding. They also have great salad dressings, I think they are made in-house, as is their buffalo and bbq sauce.

                            2. Hi,

                              My top vote goes to Sam's on the Waterfront Waygu burger. Bun is good; patty is great, they'll top with almost anything you ask (bacon, blue cheese, mushroom yum). Included side fries are the very thin, crispy type. Once (of numerous visits) I did get a burger overcooked, so consider ordering a level more rare than your usual or stress to your server exactly how you want it. You won't be hungry for the next meal after finishing one of these. It's pricier than the other options but service is good, and if you're with other people who want 'serious' food at a nice restaurant, this is a good place to go.

                              A very close second/tops in the fast or to-go category is Whole Foods. Yes, really. My go-to place when I'm hungry and want my burger now! Excellent quality; wide range of options (multiple patties/turkey/veggie/etc.) plus many toppings & condiments (my advice: try the herb aioli). A deal at $4 for a single. Fries aren't included, but they're not good either so be happy about that and get something healthier from the salad bar while you're waiting for your burger. I've had their burgers more times than I can count, and only once was my order wrong (they gave me an extra patty) and only once was it not prepared to my expectations (hot topping was cold). They also have some pretty creative weekly burger specials- I haven't been disappointed when I've tried those instead of my usual.

                              Another decent option is Red Hot & Blue, exit 28 from Rt50. Mondays their burgers are $5 including good medium-width side fries. Bun's nothing special, but the platty is good. Of course, if it's not Monday, get the barbeque instead of a burger.

                              Concur that Davis' Pub is good too- and a bonus point for not being a chain.

                              I thought Punk's was not good. Terrible bun- absolutely the worst, and the patty wasn't much good either. I also don't understand what took so long with my order, and as mentioned in previous post I was surprised at the size of the check.

                              Five Guys-- I tried it, it was OK, but none of the three of us wanted to make a return visit.

                              Sam's on the Waterfront
                              2020 Chesapeake Harbour Drive East, Annapolis, MD 21403

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                                Being from Chicago, I am a big fan of patty melts. A good dive bar, with great happy hour is the Ebb Tide, located a couple blocks from Quiet Waters Park on Bay Ridge Road. The last time I was there, I enjoyed a super juicy patty, and great shoestring fries. So I can only vouch for the meat and the rye bread, not the bun that would come with a burger.

                                1. re: BontheC

                                  I agree about Ebb Tide. Ebb Tide and Davis' Pub are my local burger places (with the nod to Davis' Pub for water access).

                                  Sam's (and associated Proud Mary's dock bar) has always seemed overpriced to me. I used to live at Chesapeake Harbor Marina (part of the view from Sam's) so I was up there a good bit. It made sense since I could walk but I don't drive over there more than once a year, and that is out of nostalgia.

                                2. re: jenhall

                                  Agreed, Annapolis Whole Foods is a great burger. No restaurant ambiance, but if you're shopping, their on-site house-baked roll and meat ground for the burger bar by the meat counter is pretty darn good.

                                3. Though not technically Annapolis, Yellowfin has a very good burger.

                                  1. I have been ending up at Galway Bay burger night a lot recently. Interesting burger toppings and Irish chips for, I think, 6 bucks with a beer purchase. The Irish blue cheese is tasty, but my favorite is the German burger with sauerkraut on it.

                                    Burger night is pretty popular, so getting a seat immediately is not always possible (in the bar).

                                    1. Lures, on General's Highway at the intersection of Crownsville Rd. no longer has a kobe burger, but its regular burger is really good, fat and juicy. I'm a burger purist (no cheese please) but they offer lots of toppings and options, including sweet potato fries.

                                      1. Deep creek off college pkwy has best burger and crab cake in Annapolis area. Local place on the
                                        Magothy River

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                                          Deep Creeks burger is a featured happy hour menu item, I believe on Monday nights. The "best" part is eternally arguable (personally I could do without the onion straws), but at $5.99 as a special, it is at least very very good.

                                          Never tried the crab cake there, but I'd bet it would be nicely done.

                                        2. I've found a new contender at Stoney River at the mall.

                                          It's hard for a burger to be all things to all people, but Stoney Rivers offering is a simple, and very grown up summation of everything that a burger should be. Their version is served with cheddar and bacon, or guyere and carmelized onions. No wilted lettuce, and pale tomatoes, just very good beef on a very good roll. They offer condiments on the side but leave their deployment up to the diner. The accompanying fries are also tremendous.

                                          Walk by Punks, and get to Stoney River.


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                                          1. re: laststandchili

                                            Agree that Stoney River has great burgers and fries. Also try the french onion soup.

                                            1. re: AnnapolisForever

                                              I was craving french onion last night, but can't get past the ahi tuna app.

                                              It kills me that I like this place so much. It's at the mall for crying out loud. But I'm coming to terms with it.

                                            2. re: laststandchili

                                              I finally made it to Stoney River. What a great burger. They only had the guyere and carmelized onion burger...nothing added just great beef.....fantastic. And the fries were pretty good too. Was 14 bucks and my beer was 5 thought it was worth it....then I looked up online and saw their happy hour prices... 7 for burger and 3 bucks a beer....should have sat in the bar! LaststandChili, do you know if its the same burger at the bar? Either way, I've been there twice in the last two weeks....next time I'll try and be there for happy hour

                                              1. re: cb1

                                                Pretty sure it's the same chow in the bar.

                                                Haven't been in a while, the wife and I were just talking about getting back in sometime soon. I've been in a Prime Rib kind of mood.

                                                I've also recently discovered the "All In" burger at Red Hot and Blue. Burger w/ cheese plus pulled pork and onion straws. I ask that they omit the bbq sauce and get a side of mayo. Don't know if it's the "Best" but it's become a favorite of mine.