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Oct 8, 2008 01:44 PM

A week in Newport RI with a kitchen--need food shopping and farm stand ideas

My parents are driving out from Indiana to visit my husband and I. Instead of staying with or near us in Cambridge MA, they decided to rent an apartment in Newport RI, just to be somewhere a little less urban. We are going down to stay there with them for a long weekend and I am hoping to get some suggestions for food-related "outings" since we will need to pass the time somehow! (I spend a lot of time watching the clock during family visits, sorry.)

The apartment is near downtown Newport (or whatever the city center near the pier is called, I'm not sure) so I assume there will be restaurants to walk to, and I plan to do some board searches for restaurant recommendations.

But, since we will have a kitchen in the apartment, I would like to find some interesting places to buy food--bakeries, grocery stores, farms, etc. Stellar takeout of any kind would also be great. These don't have to be right in Newport, just anywhere that would make a nice outing from Newport.

Any suggestions for us? I suppose we could always go to Providence, but since this is meant to be a getaway from the city, I am hoping to find some more rustic/rural options--the sort of things that are hard to find and only the locals know about.

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  1. Are you guys wine drinkers? I'd definitely suggest driving the coastal wine trail. My fave on this drive is Westport Rivers in Westport MA, Greenvale in Portsmouth RI is also very good.

    If they're coming in soon, our growing season is almost over but you can see if any farmers mkt or farmstands are still selling here:

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      Great idea, thanks. I am six months pregnant so I'm not drinking wine, but the rest of the group would love it, and it looks like a great drive.

    2. A great farm stand is Schartner Farms in Exeter, RI. Great pies and harvested produce, and awesome spiral fries.

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      1. re: bigduddyd

        Yum, that sounds perfect, thank you!

      2. Aquidneck Growers Market
        909 East Main Road, Route 138
        Middletown, RI 02842
        Contact: Lisa Lewis
        (401) 848-0099
        Wednesday & Saturday
        WIC Coupons

        it is held at the winery in middletown and is very good

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        1. re: tfed

          Thanks--we'll definitely check this out on Saturday.

        2. I just wanted to add a follow-up question: does anyone know of any places near Newport where you can tour a cranberry bog or see anything to do with the harvest? I've always wanted to do that and this seems like the time to try. Oh, and yes--it's this coming week that this is happening, so apples, cranberries, etc. should be in their prime I think?

          1. Aquidneck Growers Market is nice but small. Try Sweetberry farm in Middletown, you'll find everything you need there - fantastic cheeses, breads, pick your own apples and pumpkins, fresh produce and good meats.
            Sweet Berry Farm
            915 Mitchell's Lane
            Middletown, RI 02842
            Tel.: (401) 847-3912

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