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Oct 8, 2008 01:42 PM

Seafood restaurant suggestion needed!

My Dad is coming to town in a couple of weekends and the last time he was here we went to Lure. He loved it and suggested we go back there, but considering how infrequently he comes to New York (and I can afford 'special' meals) i thought it was a shame to go back to the same place. Looking for something similar to Lure. Doesn't have to be seafood, but should be fun and special.

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  1. Aquagrill if you want seafood.

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    1. re: Lucia

      I ate there once before and was not all that impressed. Bad service and decent food. Thanks for the rec though and i'll keep that in mind!

    2. have you been to Tides on the LES?

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        I second the rec for Tides. It's so fresh and a cool looking space. I had my birthday there one year and took my dad out to a couple lower east side bars afterwards. : ) Lots of fun.

        They change their menu a few times a year. They've done Spanish and Greek I know and couple others. Subtle changes in the preparation and they always have the New England classics (lobster dinner, steamers, etc.)

      2. both shaffer city and esca come to mind.

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          1. Well, I think Bond Street is totally underrated for sushi and other Japanese. I love their crispy spicy shrimp, shortribs, spicy tuna rolls, the lobster tempura rolls and all of their sushi is superb. If you want something like Lure (which I love) they also own Chinatown Brasserie which is very fun and delicious Chinese. They make a great Peking Duck, a terrific cocktail and have a good happy hour. They also have some of the best Chinese spare ribs in the city, although I like the roast pork even better. Must have: Bao for dessert, this crazy little bun filled with custard. Steer very clear of that hideous Aquagrill. Ugh! If you want seafood, Pearl Oyster Bar is still the best of the best. Their quality never ceases to amaze me. The knock offs are pale imitations. This time of year it's pretty easy to get seated with minimal waiting. Someone else asked about crabcakes today and I posted about those. But my first choices would be mussels in cream sauce, fried oysters, their incredible Caesar salad and a crispy, sweet-fleshed, herb-scented whole fish. But you can have the lobster roll..if you must! Also, if they happen to have skate on the menu, you must try it! Then, of course, a butterscotch praline parfait, although last night we had a blackberry-pear crumble pie that was possibly the best pie I've ever had.