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Need Taco Truck 101

I am newish to Los Angeles need basic information on the famous Taco Trucks. Are they always in the same place at the same time? What are usual Taco Truck hours? Are there a small number of "can't miss" Taco Trucks that are worth the drive no matter where in LA you live? Are there any Taco Trucks near Olympic and La Cienega (where I live)?

I tried to search chowhound archives to see if this has been addressed before, but I couldn't find it. If this subject has already been addressed, please point me in the right direction.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Start here and enjoy the journey!

    1. The best feature of CH is local reporting - we look forward to your investigations.
      Catering trucks usually serve locations that are underserved by fixed eateries.
      I don't travel long distances to find a truck since they can move without warning.

      From your location I'd head south and east to find more suitable territory. Early evening is a better time to search, although trucks are fairly common in industrial/commercial areas around lunchtime.

      1. If you travel East to Olympic and La Brea, there's a local taco truck that's pretty good on the South West corner, opposite from the gas station. It's usually here after 7.30 PM.

        And if you go South on La Cienega, there's a taco truck on Venice, a little bit West (like, 100 yards West) of the intersection. I've never tried that one. I'm in this area on Saturday nights, when I go to the Culver City openings, but I'm pretty sure this truck is there week nights too. I think it comes after 8 PM.

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          Following up on "bad nono's" post, the truck at LaBrea/Olympic is the El Chato truck. I like the tacos and the quesadillas best. They come in from Rosemead so with traffic they might get there a bit late but they are around until about 1am. They are there 6 nights a week except Sunday. Not too sure about the truck he refers to on Venice just west of La Cienega. I only got a burrito once, but I preferred the Don Jorge taco place a few blocks west (also on the north side of the street). The Don Jorge guys used to have a taco truck, but opened up a small joint that's open until 1am (might go to 1:30am on the weekends). I've not been going to Don Jorge since I found the Beto's taco truck on Jefferson near Cloverdale (the location is between La Cienega and La Brea). They are there from 6pm to 11 pm every night. I think their food is (to my tastes) is generally the best of the places I list, but I think the El Chato quesadilla is better. El Chato serves a cheap and tasty jamaica (drink). I have seen the Beto's truck still working after 11pm on the weekends and grabbed some food from them. I'm kind of late when I'm on the prowl for my taco fix after I've gone to hear music so I adjust my plans accordingly.

        2. Here's a great resource...http://tacohunt.blogspot.com/2007/07/... it may be what burgerboy was posting up but I don't see the link.

          A good rule of thumb is..... if you see a truck with a crowd it's probably worth a stop.

          Also if you get into real taco country gorilla taco stands can also be a great find.
          Look for a string of bare bulbs, cart and a al pastor spit. They usually start popping up around 5 to 6pm.

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              There is a Taco Table on Vermont, just north of Washington on the east side of street. I think they are there thursday-saturday after 6 or 7pm. Great stuff!

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              He may be paid to eat at Taco trucks but has Rambos up there as one of the best and it's pretty average.... Especially when there are so many options in that area.

              The cool thing about Rambos is the Rambo painting on the truck itself.

              It's pretty classic!

            2. Anybody been to the taco truck near Wilshire and San Vicente during lunch? Any recos?

              1. Try Tacos Don Jorge on Venice Blvd, one block east of La Cienega.. It used to be a famous taco truck, they did so well that they rented out a small space to run a restaurant. $1.25 per taco, tax already included. They also open til 1am. I haven't found anything better, without driving a few miles deep into Korea Town or East L.A.

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                  just so they do not get lost, Don Jorge is west of LaCienega.

                2. Secondly, this is the greatest LA Taco website in the world.


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                    Sadly, bandini hasn't been updating it in a while. Hopefully he'll arise and make some Taco Truck lists.

                    Tacos Don Jorge
                    8693 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

                  2. the al pastor tacos from the "El Taurino" truck on hoover just south of olympic are incredible... so are the ceviche tostadas from the "isla bonita" truck on rose ave. west of lincon and east of main st. in venice are great...

                    1. Thanks, everybody. I can't wait to start eating.

                      1. I went to Tacos Don Jorge tonight. Good taco al pastor, even better taco asada. The sopes -- not so good. My four-year-old son liked his cheese quesadilla. The horchata and jaimaca were also good. The folks who run the place are quite nice. They almost succeeded in convincing me to throw a party so they can cater it.

                        Tomorrow night: the El Chato taco truc.

                        Has anyone tried the Oaxahacan restaurant at the corner of La Cienega and Venice? I think its called "Sabores de Oaxahaca."

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                          Loved their tacos! Excellent seasoning... The sopes are totally premade stuff... Unless they are freshly made, it's not worth ordering...


                        2. Betos Taco truck on Exposition bl between La cIenega and LaBrea close to Hauser. Tasty carne Asada taco . I like the green sauce. this truck is there after 6PM maybe later

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                            The Betos truck is parked on Jefferson, not Exposition. The cross streets (I'm guessing here) are Cloverdale and Redondo. I'm partial towards their pastor, but it's all pretty good. My chief concern right now is I didn't see the El Chato truck on Monday or Tuesday night. I'm hoping it's for truck maintenance and they'll be back soon at their regular corner of Olympic/La Brea. I eat enough at their truck and I saw them last week. I'd assume if they were planning to move on they'd have told me. They told me I'm one of their better customers (i.e., I eat their often).

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                              I'll drive by tomorrow night after swimming practice to check if they are around.

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                                I drove by Monday night (October 20th) and the El Chato truck was back. When I asked about their whereabouts the previous Monday/Tuesday I was told their old truck
                                had given up the ghost. They've got a newer/more powerful truck so they should be back on a consistent basis for our taco/quesadilla eating pleasure. Got 2 tripas, 1 pastor tacos and a jamaica. Actually I had already eaten at a restaurant earlier, but I needed a taco fix.

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                                  Thanks for the update! I was sick, so obviously didn't get out.

                                  1. re: bad nono

                                    "bad nono" not a problem. I needed a taco fix bad! Thanks for commenting,
                                    sometimes people promise a review or something and never follow up. Hope you're better.

                          2. Go east my good iwinkelman go east

                            On olympic just passing the 710 you will encounter some taco trucks that will take care of you just right, but when you see tacos mexico just keep on moving, don't even slow down,

                            and yes, you will have to go for a drive, but well worth it. The trucks on average start setting up around 6 to 7 daily