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SF Mission burritos and tacos

Yes, I know I can search ... endlessly

However, I would like to use the new handy dandy list function for me to go to find info quickly. Which IS that place with the carne asada and make sure to ask them to grill it fresh. Who has supurb carnitas, which location if more than one is better than the other etc, etc,etc.

Those places roll around in my head and i SHOULD remember ... but .. and then searching is always such a bear. .

So I'm asking for help to update my list

I know I didn't get all the places yet. This was just a quick and dirty start. Let me know who I missed. I only want places in the Mission for this list. And YES, I know about burritofile, burritoeater, etc. I'm looking for Chowhound feedback.

Anyway ... probably doesn't hurt to get some fresh info about these joints. Thanks

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  1. The chicken taco at La Taqueria is really good in their own way. Large full pieces of stewed chicken, shredded by hand makes it unique, and kind of it's own breed of taco. They're not cheap, but they're a lot more filling then your average taco.

    La Corneta - I think the food court cleanliness turns people off or something. It lacks the grime but when it's good* it's one of the best. I think the trick is to order plates. The nachos, quesadilla,and tostada or anything with prawns or salmon are usually really top notch. The steak and prawn burrito can be good, and tamales, and flautas are a good deal if you order them as a single ala carte item. *the only disclaimer is this place goes through weeks where the food is not up to their standard, and served lukewarm. No idea why. For a while I had a theory that only one SF location could be good at one time due to whoever was managing at that moment, but I don't think that's it really.

    La Cumbre - Their burritos tend to be flavorless, and overpowered by the non-meat elements, which is why I stick to the Quesadilla.

    1. # 1. La Taqueria

      The burritos here are served without rice. Prices are generally more expensive than nearby taquerias. Very popular. Good agua frescas and guacamole.

      # 2. Taqueria San Jose

      2830 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110, USA

      Known more for tacos al pastor than for chorizo I think....but probably both are good. Tacos al pastor are consistently good though.

      Some other places to add to the list, mainly on or near 24th St:

      Taqueria Vallarta - Open very late, taco stall in front is good for carne asada and buche, among others. Ask for grilled onions. Nice variety of salsas.

      Taqueria San Francisco - High ranking on Burritophile. Some friends rave about the veggie burritos - depending on who makes them, they should include an entire half-avocado. Chorizo burritos here are also very good.

      El Metate - Bryant and 22nd - Baja style fish tacos have rice in them (which I don't like), great quesadillas, including veggie quesadillas.

      Another place to add, though I don't have an opinion about it:

      Taqueria Guadalajara

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        Taqueria Guadalajara has had its moments for me - i think they generally serve a pretty great burrito, but i was totally turned off the last time i got one there and the al pastor had huge pieces of canned pinaple in it. could have been an off day, cause i have truly enjoyed their burritos in the past.

        DEFINITE must - the chille relleno burrito at Taqueria San Francisco at 24th and york. cheesy heaven. also a good al pastor burrito.

        1. re: tex.s.toast

          Hey, thanks ... that chile relleno burrito is one which I have on a note somewhere and was way too buried in my memory bank.

          Thanks to all and keep them coming. What is interesting is the consistancy over the years for the most part. Many of the same burritos lovingly mentioned in 2001, are still in favor today ... La Cumbre having done a downhill dive. The one real controversial place seems to be La Corneta with lots of mixed opinions.

          1. re: rworange

            Actually the pollo asada at La Cumbre is very good to excellent. That's basically all however. The carne asada has declined however. Nothing else has been worth ordering.

      2. La Cumbre is the carne asada place that is good if it's grilled fresh. If it's fresh, it's close to back in the day. As a default I get the pollo asada...very nice marinate. Anything else - avoid.

        Cancun -- serves 3-4 items very well, burrito al pastor, quesadilla suiza, cebollitas and the super veggie burrito.

        Chava's -- caldo menudo or caldo pollo

        El Toyanese Truck -- I had an exceptional torta al pastor about a month ago.

        Can't really commend on the other places although I go to any if I'm near by or it's a friends call. El Faralito, La Taqueria, El Toro...all have their pluses but like coffee or slices, people have their preferences. One thing about Pancho Villa and El Toro...both are clean and I'm positive the owners have the McDonald's operating manual...both also serve huge quantities...the shrimp plate is also a good value.

        1. Papalote's a worthy competitor, and Taq. Guadalajara has its moments as well.

          1. Papalote has its detractor, I guess because they serve tofu, veggie burritos, soyrizo, etc. but I really like it. They cook everything to order, so there's no big hotel pan full of meat, overcooking and steaming in its own juices and losing the crispiness. And their salsa is delicious. I usually get carne asada or chicken, rarely pork - if we want carnitas or al pastor we go to Taqueria San Jose.

            1. If anyone gets there before I do, I'd like an update on Los Altos on Cortland. I've tried it twice and thought it was eh at best (and that is being kind), and it never has had a crowd...until recently! Now, I've driven by several times in the early evening and the place has been absolutely packed! They did do some redocorating, and I am wondering if they could have had an ownership or cook change...

              Cancun, my traditional favorite, has gone downhill recently, IMO. Quality of the meats is noticably lower, in my opinon.

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              1. re: susancinsf

                I do like Los Altos. Nothing super exciting, but very nice people working there and the food is just fine. Good agua fresca. I don't remember price of horchata.

                I think El Taco Loco (Mission & 29th) is overlooked and pretty good. I am not a burrito eater as a rule (they're usually way too big for me), but I love their veggie burrito. It's delicious.

                1. re: Atomica

                  The place at Mission and 29th is called El Gran Taco Loco. There is another Taco Loco on 24th that is smaller. I love their tacos, esp. the al pastor, but also the lengua. The pastor isn't cut from the spit, though. I've tried lots of their other items too. Burritos are pretty good. Their caldo de pollo is surprisingly tasty, as is their birria. Lastly, the green salsa they serve on the side is awesome. It has a little avocado pureed in and it's really spicy.

                  El Gran Taco Loco
                  3306 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

                  1. re: srr

                    Sorry for the confusion. I mean the place on Mission & 29th. Everyone around here calls it "Taco Loco."

                    1. re: Atomica

                      My comments were about the one on 29th and Mission, just to be clear. I've never been to the one on 24th. I live 3 blocks from the one on 29th.

                      1. re: srr

                        I dont think ive ever, ever, ever heard anyone use the "gran" in the EGTL name, but ill concur with Atomica that they serve up some pretty tasty grub. i grew up around the corner and its seen some changes through the years (like the one time i walked in and they were serving black beans!heresy!) but its def very solid. the al pastor is killer, as is the chicken, and the veggie is at least as good as at the cancun location across the street.

              2. Reading these responses reminded me of a few others:

                La Parrilla, at Folsom and 24th - They specialize in grilled chicken, so I come here only for the grilled chicken burritos, that are range from pretty good to excellent.

                At Papalote (Valencia and 24th location) I always get the grilled vegetable burrito with refried beans. This place is very good for vegetarians since the beans are not made with lard (but are still very good). When I want a veggie burrito, I often go there because I like the grilled veggies they use. They also have burritos with various forms of tofu/soy product.

                On Friday I had a quick meal of two tacos at Taq. San Jose on Mission. Prices seem to have gone up slightly since my last visit (total price for two tacos and an agua fresca was over 7 dollars - this did include chips). The tacos al pastor were good as usual, the aguas there are great (I had strawberry), and the green salsa is very good.

                Dave MP

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                  Papalote's soyrizo's also worth checking out--i prefer it to many chorizos.

                2. La Taqueria for the chicken burrito
                  El Zocalo (the pupusas place) 29th and mission for carne asada super burrito
                  Cancun at 19th for 'burrito, veggie black beans'

                  best combo: buy the jar of delicious salsa from papalotes and pour it all over a Cancun veggie burrito...

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                  1. re: helmut fig newton

                    Once, I wanted a friend to try the wonderful crispy tacos at La Taqueria but first we stopped at Papalote and I had him run in to get their wonderful salsa and chips -- took it with us to La Taqueria and it was the best of both worlds. They sell glass jars of it.