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Oct 8, 2008 01:17 PM

Restaurant near Philly Art Museum?

My family (5 people) is coming into town this weekend for one day and we are going to the Philly Art Museum and will have dinner afterward. What are the great/good restaurants in that area? Are there any historic food establishments in the area as well? Many thanks!

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  1. Will you have a car? There isn't much that is easy walking distance, and I personally don't like anything in the Art Museum area. The only "historical" restaurants I know of it City Tavern which is really terrible tourist food.

    Not far from the Art Museum by car or long walk is Center City and there is lots to choose from. Feel free to look over the boards or let us know your budget / culinary interests.

    For less expensive meals a short drive away check out Northern Liberties. I love North Third, The Abbaye and The Standard Tap.

    1. Agree with need to limit yourself to Art Museum restos as Center City philadelphia is fairly compact, and there are many restaurants you could choose from. What price range are you looking for?

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        Even if you don't have a car you could take Phlash for $2 a person or a cab. Also what kind of food are you looking for. When I think historic food establishments I think the City Tavern which is like Bookbinders...lousy!

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          Thanks for the responses! I don't have a car. We will probably take the Metro or a cab. Dinner for $20 a person. Center City is probably best. Any suggestions? Much appreciated.

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            For a great/good restaurant in Philly you will have trouble getting a meal for $20 per person. Of the places sylvia recommends, Figs might be close to your range with entrees in the lower range $18-25. BYOB might be more trouble than its worth for a daytripper from NY.

            For a budget meal with a group of five, I'd recommend taking a cab from the museum to Chinatown (vicinity of 10th and Arch). You could just walk around and find a place that you like. If you like Vitenamese, Vietnam on 11th st is good choice in your price range. It also has a liquor license.

      2. Skip the historic food establishments. You will be paying twice the price for half the quality.

        There is a free shuttle bus that goes from the museum to the Perlman annex at the bottom of the hill and across the Parkway. About one block away from the annex, at 25th and Meredith, is Figs, a very good Mediterranean BYOB. They have good fish, lamb, etc.
        We sent friends there recently (also after their museum visit) and they were very pleased.

        You are also walking distance from the Waterworks, right along the river. The food is good, not great, but it is in a lovely spot with a view of the river. It is pleasant and has good service. You can reserve and ask for a seat in the outdoor room (enclosed if it's cold) overlooking the river. Not byob.

        If you want to take a cab, then you have many options. Some top BYOB's are Branzino and Matyson. If you prefer a place with a bar, browse this board. There's Tinto (great tapas), Osteria (Italian from top chef Vetri) - many places of all types.
        For "great" you have to leave the area, but sometimes it's easier to walk a few blocks from where you are.

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          I would second Matysons & Tinto, but you'll be hard-pressed to get by at $20 each unless all you want is an entree. Both have websites, but Matyson's is a little tricky to read. You have to "highlight"(i.e., left clik and drag across) the picture. At Tinto's - a very nice tapas bar/restaurant - the concept is to share and you order all your wishes up front - they'll bring them out as they become ready. Good but expensive drinks. Matyson is BYOB.

        2. art museum isn't terribly close to public transit, so i'd suggest sticking with a cab or two. i would agree with chinatown & northern liberties for your budget... all the places mentioned are great. in chinatown, can't go wrong with vietnam palace or vietnam. or rangoon for burmese. i feel like a broken record now - i think i just recommended those three to someone yesterday! :)

          1. Trio (Thai) at 2624 Brown Street is within walking distance for some. You may want to consult a map as it may take 10-15 minutes. Entrees are under $20, menu here:

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              20 dollar budget is tough, but if you want basic bar food, either Bridgets, at 25th and Meredith or Bishops Finger will get you a burger or something of the ilk in a relaxed atmosphere and its walking distance from the Art Museum as opposed to having to cab it to Chinatown. St. Stephen's Green, or the Belgian Cafe are also possibilities.

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                oooh, i would definitely second trio if BYOB is an option. they are wonderful, some of the best thai in the city IMO. the beggar' pouches are great!!