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Oct 8, 2008 12:18 PM


Arriving in Las Vegas on 11/11 and leaving the 15th of November. I have digested a lot of the posts on here and this is what my mental computer has spit out. Breakfast are left open as getting into a place for breakfast is not as much an issue as dinner and already plan on hitting up Bouchon and Jean Philippe Patisserie for breakfast. Any other suggestions for breakfasts? Buffet is not a requirement as we are going for quality food and not quantity.

Our schedule (including activites) reads like this:

11/11 Late tapas dinner @ Firefly (as we are flying in from the east coast and don't want anything too dramatic our first meal in Sin City)
11/12 LUNCH @ Rosemary's
DINNER @ Yellowtail Sushi @ Bellagio (figured it is close to Caesar's so we didn't have far to get to show and have already done Le Cirque and Picasso prior)
Bette Midler Show
DINNER @ Capo's
The Beates LOVE @ 10pm
DINNER @ B&B Ristorante
Wayne Brady Show
DINNER @ Joel Robuchon 5:30 as we leave at 11pm for Miami and can pass out in our seats and have a good sleep home on red eye!

What would you add or change? Shows are non-negotiable as we can't return tickets! But what else is a must do for lunch as we cannot do dinners everywhere!

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions in advance!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. jmd - for future reference, you may want to mention the city you are visiting in the header - the southwest board covers a large area.

      my spin - you've got one heck of a gastro line-up !

      personally, i'm not a fan of capo. if the intent is a "red sauce" italian place ( noticed high end italian at b&b later in your trip ) how about rao's at caesar's, nora's on flamingo, mimmo ferraro's on flamingo ( though i consider mimmo's to be a slight cut above ) or bootlegger bistro on s. lv blvd ( btw - another option for late night eating when you fly in - they are open 24 hours )

      yellowtail - haven't been but a couple friends of mine have and they give it a so-so rating. if you are looking for a sushi w/ some nice hot food small plates - you've got sushi roku in the forum shops - though my guess is it's comparable to yellowtail ( the hot foods at sushi roku are good, the drinks - great ! )

      lunch - are you up for the high end burger places ? mesa grill at caesar's, strip burger at the fashion mall, blt burger at mirage, paris has a high end burger place and finally, the "originator" in vegas , at mandalay, burger bar.

      happy eating !

    2. Tableau is a great breakfast, as is Payard.
      How about Circo over Capo's? (I haven't been, but if Le Cirque is any indication....)

      Lunches = Table 10, Mesa Grill are both great options, as is Burger Bar.

      1. For very many reasons already listed, I would recommend giving up Rosemary's!
        It is mediocre at best and quite a drive.

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        1. re: grantham

          Thanks for feedback kjs. Was trying to come up with a catchy headline rather than the typical 'coming to vegas' header. : )

          Yellowtail is out of convenience to Caesar's and since it was new I thought we would try it since we are headed to Bette for a show. Will definitely look at the burger options, Should we make reservations for them or is lunch probably easy (or with the economic turndown will we be the only table in the place).

          Uhockey, other half is not a big Bobby Flay fan and we have an Emeril joint here that we have yet to be at. So far of all the Food TV alumni, Mario Batali is the only one that we have been pushed by others and impressed with their offerings (Babbo in NY). Capo's sounds like it might be fun and not looking every night for gastronomic experiences like Joel or Mario every night so Capo's might be a grounding experience! But so far we do have a double mention of Burger Bar so we might take everyone up on that...

          Grant, I am surprised about Rosemary's as it garners such high ratings? Or is it that they have been around so long so the high rating just kind of sticks? Might stick with it as it is off the main drag and is the least pretentious of our other dining choices not that we are snobs! 5 Guys Burgers ( a chain in Miami now, will do in a bind!)

          Thanks for all the feedback and appreciate additional comments as LV is not a yearly trip we do.

          1. re: jmdhsmiami

            Rosemary's is definitely NOT a "dive". It is one of the best "value" restaurants in Vegas. Since the opening of Savoy, Robuchon, Restaurant Charlie, Alex and the other Ultra High End Places, it may have lost some of its allure by comparison, but is still very, very good!

            1. re: foodgimp

              Thanks foodgimp, however I think he said it was a DRIVE and not a DIVE. Nonetheless, I will be keeping my reservation!

              : )

              1. re: jmdhsmiami

                OOPS! My Bad! It still is far from mediocre though!