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Shocked: bored of Mission favs; want change. esp. lunch

I can't believe I'm writing this.

I have lived and eaten in the Mission for 6 years now. And as I contemplate where to have lunch today, I'm disinterested. Help!

For reasons not worth going into, I'm cutting carbs, upping protein for this meal.

Bi-Rite: Love their sandwiches, esp. roast beef but too much bread.

Thai: had it last night

Monk's Kettle: A fine burger but need to bring back home and I don't think it'll keep so well (about 8 min walk)

Burger Joint: Also a fine burger but there's the bun issue and when I'm done with the meat, still hungry.

Delfina pizza: carbs

Taquerias galore: just not in the mood

I could go on.

I'm usually not a naysayer but today, yikes. Chowhound, can you help with the delicious meat option I'm overlooking? I would be quite grateful.

(location: I'm at 19th and Guerrero. Easy walk from there please.)

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  1. Dolma sandwich at Truly Mediterranean, perhaps a salad from Yamo.

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        Yamo will also do their curries and such with no noodles (and extra veggies).

      2. Salads from Herbivore
        Sandwiches on Mission (Petes BBQ? Never had it but the fresh turkey sounds intriguing. There's another sandwich shop nearby). Also Lucca's Raviola has prepared food, and sandwiches (they hand you packets for the mayo/mustard though) Sorry if those are carb heavy suggestions
        Old Jerusalem (again never tried it myself, but people like it here)
        Tartine for quiche (pretty filling) More sandwiches.
        Ti Couz for a crepe if it travels well. Salads too.
        Good Fricken Chicken for a roasted chicken (I believe they deliver)
        There's a food cart to check out from someone who was connected to Bar Tartine.

        Burgers usually travel pretty well by the way. They're pretty standard takeout food in NY for example, and the fries are usually the only worry.

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          i'm fairly certain that ti couz doesn't do to-go orders, and crepes aren't really low carb. i think good friickin (or whatever) chicken delivers via waiters on wheels, not independently.

        2. Limon Rotisserie. A bit of a walk, but worth it.

          1. Pete's wasn't very good some years ago. Can't imagine they have gotten better with age as they had been around a long time even back then. Also _stank_ of extremely old grease from the roasters; again can't imagine that has not gotten worse. Sorry for lack of pronouns in post.

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              I have never tried pete's, because I just can't get past the the smell emanating from it. I actually plan my walks to avoid it.

              I know its too late for yesterday's lunch, but some decent, non carby options in the neighborhood:
              Salad bar at Valencia Whole foods
              Cha Ya
              Webe Sushi

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                Is there a Whole Foods on Valencia? Didn't know that.

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                  Valencia Whole Foods is the name of the grocery store on the corner of 21st and Valencia, no relation to Whole Foods. It is a very nice store though.

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                      Valencia Whole Foods may well predate Whole Foods. it's been there a long time. Long before THE Whole Foods opened its first store in the region at least.

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                        Is it just my impression or is Valencia Whole Foods shockingly pricey?

            2. more like Bernal but what about Good Frickin' Chicken?

              1. Bodhi, on Valencia at roughly 15th. Decent, upscalish, Vietnamesish, cheapish
                lunch. I've only had the bbq pork over rice on my two visits, but it's really

                Pakwan and Al Hamra, on 16th slightly east of Gurrero and Valencia respectively,
                both are decent Pakistani lunch options.

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                  Dude! Sunflower Vietnamese right on the corner of 16th and Val! Shaking beef!

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                    I've never been there! You used three exclamation marks! I assume that's a positive recommendation!

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                      Yes!! Shaken beef is a DEELIGHT at Sunflower. Also, their steamed seabass in a soy ginger sauce is delicious and very no-carb friendly meal.

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                        In my former life, I also had their Vietnamese crepe. Outstanding.

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                          Any Vietnamese crepe is good Vietnamese crepe - I've had better elsewhere but their version is quite good. It's got some carbs in it, though. The sea bass is also excellent, I concur, although I don't know what I'm supposed to think about sea bass these days. If I lived in that hood I'd be down there every week, for sure.

                          I greatly prefer sitting "kitchen side", that is, the entrance on 16th street.

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                            I prefer the new age bánh xèo with the shrimp peeled. What are theirs like?

                2. Try Tortas El Primo on 22nd between Mission and Valencia, excellent sandwiches of all kinds.

                  It's also next to one of my favorite restaurants Lolo's but they're probably not the best lunch choice.

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                    Speaking of Lolo.....are there any recent reports? I still haven't been, but have been meaning to go.

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                      SWMBO and I went there for the first time a couple of months ago with an out of town guest, and we all found it thoroughly average. Nothing was bad, but the only thing that was solidly good was the cheesecake we had for dessert (and that I can do at home). My duck confit tacos were, well, boring (and scant -- I was still quite hungry after finishing them plus my appetizer). The flank steak looked solid (but again, I can do that at home), and the scallops were just OK. We don't plan on returning.

                  2. I realize this post is a few months old but, I have to support Frosty Melon's recommendation with a few more details. I too am a fan of protein-dominant meals and Limón Rotisery is my lunch place of choice in the mission. I am somewhat surprised, after a cursory glance, not to find a chowhound review or 6 posted. I know Bauer gets mixed-to-satanic billing here but his article on LR is quite accurate:


                    I have tried many of the sides and appetizers and they are uniformly delicious. But the reason to go is the piquantly-seasoned quarter chicken (white) served with a generous bowl of sauteed mixed veggies, two luscious sauces and five or six yucca "fries" for less than ten bucks. Skip the yucca to cut back on the carbs. And as for distance, I disagree...LR is right around the corner from you, in SF terms--a few blocks to S Van Ness and only two to the restaurant. ¡Buen provecho!

                    Limon Rotisserie
                    1001 S Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110