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Co. - new pizzeria place by Lahey open?


Does anyone know if the new pizza place by Lahey of the Sullivan Street Bakery is open yet? It is supposed to be at 230 Ninth Ave in Chelsea....



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  1. No it aint! I work a few blocks from there and try to check it out frequently. It's taking so long--but they still have kraft paper in the windows.

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      Thanks for the reply....darn....I was hoping it would be open in time for our visit this weekend...

    2. ..I am so anxious!
      ....I don't think Co. is open yet.
      Anyone know for sure? I haven't passed by lately.

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        January 2, according to Serious Eats/SliceNY.

      2. I went past yesterday. Not open yet.

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          Thanks. Apparently, they have a phone number. I even called once and someone picked up. it was someone with a spanish accent. he told me they are not open and not sure when, but maybe end of the month (of Dec).
          I'm not in the 'hood, so don't pass by that often. It would be nice to know in advance the day they plan to open-- would like to be there on opening night....but that seems impossible. I read about the opening of this place over a year and a half ago in NY Mag.

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            On the door there is a sign saying "Opening Jan. 2."

            Right before Thanksgiving I went to the bakery and asked the counter guy about it and he said they would be open the week after Thanksgiving! Anyway, I got the most incredible apple turnover there. Absolutely superb, with a delicious crust and a warm, caramelized apple filling. Highly recommended!

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            anyone know if they're open during the day, or just for dinner?

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              Just dinner now, lunch in a bit. They estimated late January. Fingers crossed.

          2. We went there on opening night and the pizza was just OK. The sauce had a nice taste but was too watery. The crust was unevenly baked but tasted nice. We'll go back in a while and try them again after they hit their stride.

            1. We went on Saturday night and tried three pies - the Margherita, the Popeye and the Flambe. I loved the char and the texture of the crust around the perimeter, but the crust in the center of all three was limp. I found the tomato sauce to be a bit acidic and bland. The spinach on the Popeye was very tasty, but I felt it was a bit over-loaded. We will certainly go back in a few weeks once they have been up and running for a bit.

              One side note about seating. We certainly went expecting a lengthy wait, but we were a party of three, which I believe increased the wait due to the large number of communal seats. We watched as a number of four tops were seated ahead of us -- it appeared as if they didn't want to seat three in an area where four seats were available. After 1 3/4 hours, they agreed to let us pull a 3rd chair up to a two-top (which was perfectly fine).

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                Two visits: one great, one disappointing (and very brief).

                First visit:
                We live in the neighborhood and stopped by Co. last Saturday, the second day after their official opening. We enjoyed three fantastic pies (we especially liked the Popeye, with its exceedingly fresh, flavorful spinach); a serving of perfectly cured and sliced prosciutto; and two salads. So, the food was great (and a great value, too).

                From the extremely friendly, accommodating hostess to our informed and attentive server, our experience with Co.'s service was very positive (especially considering the packed house). Our only disappointment was that many items were sold out by the time we were seated, including half of the red wine list (the least expensive of the lot, naturally). We were happy to overlook the stocking stutters, though, given that it was Co.'s second night officially open.

                Second visit:
                Two of us stopped by last night at 9:30, prepared to wait for a while given the tremendous buzz that Co. generated after its opening. We were not prepared for a startlingly rude hostess duo who first told us that the wait would be 45 mins (we were fine with that), almost immediately revised that to 60 mins (fine with that, too), and then came back to tell us that "the kitchen has run out of food," that "we could wait if we wanted to, but the kitchen wouldn't have any food by the time we were seated." Final words of advice were that we were "better off leaving now because we're just totally slammed."

                As a former hostess, I know how stressful it can be to manage a packed house, but these women were downright unprofessional and rude. Movever, after a week's worth of steadily intense volume, I would think that Co.'s kitchen staff would have adjusted their stock to meet demand.

                As a neighbor to Co., I'm hoping that they'll iron out the kinks over the next couple of weeks, as it could easily become a weekly (and delicious) habit. Third visit (not for a month, at least) will be the tie-breaker, I suppose.

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                  I have yet to try the new Jim Lahey pizzas. The pizzas at the original Sullivan St. now Grand Daisy are great. Both Jim and Monica use the same ovens and have the same recipes. Their pizzas are incredible, My favorite being the potato pizza. Many restaurants including Ceci Cela use Sullivan's bianca pizza to make sandwiches on. The champagne grape pizza is great as well as the mushroom... The pizzas described at the new place do not sound like those of the bakery. Hopefully , the new pizzaria will have the varieties I like so much. The recipes and the ovens came from Italy where Jim learned about bread and pizza, i was told.

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                    The new pizzeria is Neopolitan style. Not Roman style ones that the bakery sells.

                    Here is a menu:

                    Here are photos:

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                      Just one note about Grand Daisey's bread- it may (or may not) be the same recipe as Jim's, but GD's bread, pizza and other things are absolutely distinguishable from the real deal. (just because two bakers use the same recipe, doesn't mean the bread turns out the same) I would travel across way west and uptown just for SS bread rather than get bread from Grand Daisey's-- that is, if it's Sullivan Street bread that I want. (yes, I know that other stores carry SS bread, but it's best fresh from the bakery)

                      1. re: wileen

                        Hi Wileen
                        You are entitled to your opinion of course however, Grand Daisy is exactly the same as the original Sullivan Street Bakery. It has the original oven that was made in Italy, The original head baker that was persoally trained by Jim is the baker there, the ingredients are the exact same as the original SS bakery. If anything Jim tried to recreate the same product that Grand Daisy has and hoped his new oven would work as well. He did in fact do a perfect job recreating his product. But the products are impossible to tell the difference. One thing that must be noted, bread and pizza change quickly based on humidity and time. So quite often the bread from either is not as crisp as it should be. Alot of restaurants over order or get the bread too late in the day and it's not like it is when fresh.

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                          Yes, of course it is the same oven as the original bakery is in the same location and clearly Jim did not move the ovens to the new Hell's Kitchen location. I also know that the recipe is the same and that the head baker was trained by Jim. As I stated, just b/c the ingredients and recipe are the same, doesn't mean that the bread and pizza comes out the same. Also, now that GD is expanding and will open other locations, not all breads and pizzas will be done on the premises straight from the oven.

                          In any event, you're opinion may be that it is "impossible" to tell the difference. However, it seems that it really can't be impossible if some people can tell the difference and turn out to be right when they make the distinction from the two bakeries. That said, I believe that you (like the majority) cannot tell the difference as they are very similar (but apparently not the same to those who can distinguish the two). I will admit that I did not try every product at the GD bakeries, so I will not rule out that there may be some breads that are very similar. Neveretheless, at the very least, the filone and pizza bianco, which are my favorite, are absolutely distinguishable to me.

                          Finally, I know that bread and pizza change based on humidity and time; and the issue about being crisp and fresh (which, by the way, is not the only measure of difference). However, that's irrelevant here as I was only comparing the breads that come straight from the two bakeries and not the breads that restaurants and stores order from the bakeries.

                          If I wasn't clear, of course you are entitled to your opinion as well.

                          Thanks for your reply though.
                          I understand that you are also a big fan of the original SS bread and I appreciate someone who cares so much about great bread and pizza!

                          By the way, if you have never been to Almondine in BK (DUMBO), you should try their baguettes. (neither Jim nor GD bakeries make a true french baguette, not that they purport to make one)
                          The baguettes are quite exceptional. Also, if the soup de jour happens to split pea, I recommend that you must try with the baguette (assuming you like split pea). Delicious.

                2. As a longtime fan of Sullivan Street Bakery I waited over an hour to be served and was not disappointed. The pizza is superior to others for flavorcombination, char and creativitiy. The salads are also superb - radicchio w/taleggio and mushroom and celery with parmesan. Everything serve with the simplicity and authenticity that has been Lahey trademark. He needs to open for lunch - SOON.

                  1. Ate there last night. We showed up at about 7:30 (a Wednesday night, for the record), were told it would be a 15-minute wait, and were seated in less than 10 (party of two). We started with the pane de commune with olive oil and the roasted eggplant toast. The bread was lovely and crusty and chewy; the olive oil had a fresh, grassy flavor that I really liked (our server said it was Chilean); and the eggplant was fantastic, a mound of eggplant with a touch of ginger flavor. The ham & cheese pizza was phenomenal, but then who can argue with that much prosciutto. The caraway seeds were a nice touch. I liked the boscaiola somewhat less, but I'm not big on mushrooms. I can't speak to the sauce - both pizzas were white - but it seems like they've figured out how to avoid the limpness that some earlier posters had encountered. It was thin but slightly bready, crisp on the bottom, and generally delicious. A+ for the meal up to that point. Dessert gets a B - the chocolate breadcrumb torte (ordered a la mode) was good but definitely didn't live up to the pizzas, had an off crackly texture on top. The blood orange gelato was very nice on its own but didn't go well with the torte (our bad on the flavor combo - should have picked vanilla). Overall an excellent meal; I'll definitely be back.

                    1. I was there last night as well! Party of 4. I split the chicken liver toast with a friend - it was lovely. Very generous portion and super creamy with good flavor. 2 other friends had salads.

                      We split 3 pizzas - Margherita (chosen because the other 2 pizzas were white and we craved some tomato). Fortuntately, this one came out first. It was a great "app" to the other pizzas. We got the Ham & Cheese which was absolutely wonderful. Salty and creamy, and no sogginess to be found (to Emmmmily's point).

                      The real gem of the night was the "special pie". Last night it was pecorino, ricotta (I think), black pepper, shaved asparagus and 2 sunny-side up eggs. Absolutely DIVINE. Eggs on pizza is just heaven.

                      Lahey was in the restaurant last night, too. It's always nice to see the chef visiting with the guests.

                      Very reasonable prices - great service (our server was friendly and attentive, and the hostess was great) - a terrific place to go share pizzas with friends. I will definitely go back.

                      1. I just came back from Co. I wish I went with more than one friend, so we could have tried more dishes. Considering its popularity (it was packed, with a 20-minute wait), I want to reiterate the friendliness of everyone on the staff. Not only was there no attitude, but we encountered more than a little charm and friendliness by the front of the house and the servers.

                        We split:

                        a small ribolita (merely OK)
                        toast with eggplant (liver was sold out): simple but a nice foil for the great bread
                        5 thin but large slices of luscious soppresata
                        butter salad (this was disappointing - kind of bland and ehh)

                        Then we split the popeye (pecorino, gruyère, buffalo mozzarella, spinach, black pepper, garlic) and the grilled leek with sausage and parmesan.

                        The pizzas, not surprisingly, stole the show, although I had a definite preference for the leek . As a huge fan of Lahey's bread, I'm so pleased that he found a way to to straddle the line between traditional pizza and his SSB pizza. The crust, including the trademarked char, was spectacular. It's such an interesting choice to use a relatively small amount of sharp, pungent cheeses. The black pepper and garlic on the pizzas were easily detectable, too.

                        I'm eager to try more. I'm wondering whether we just had bad luck on our non-pizza dishes -- not much else was inspiring.

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                          Thanks Dave-I'm still trying to get there. If it helps, I've heard they're open for lunch now.