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Oct 8, 2008 12:14 PM

Co. - new pizzeria place by Lahey open?


Does anyone know if the new pizza place by Lahey of the Sullivan Street Bakery is open yet? It is supposed to be at 230 Ninth Ave in Chelsea....



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  1. No it aint! I work a few blocks from there and try to check it out frequently. It's taking so long--but they still have kraft paper in the windows.

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    1. re: chocolatefancy

      Thanks for the reply....darn....I was hoping it would be open in time for our visit this weekend...

    2. ..I am so anxious!
      ....I don't think Co. is open yet.
      Anyone know for sure? I haven't passed by lately.

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      1. re: wileen

        January 2, according to Serious Eats/SliceNY.

      2. I went past yesterday. Not open yet.

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        1. re: RichardW

          Thanks. Apparently, they have a phone number. I even called once and someone picked up. it was someone with a spanish accent. he told me they are not open and not sure when, but maybe end of the month (of Dec).
          I'm not in the 'hood, so don't pass by that often. It would be nice to know in advance the day they plan to open-- would like to be there on opening night....but that seems impossible. I read about the opening of this place over a year and a half ago in NY Mag.

          1. re: wileen

            On the door there is a sign saying "Opening Jan. 2."

            Right before Thanksgiving I went to the bakery and asked the counter guy about it and he said they would be open the week after Thanksgiving! Anyway, I got the most incredible apple turnover there. Absolutely superb, with a delicious crust and a warm, caramelized apple filling. Highly recommended!

          1. re: liebersh

            anyone know if they're open during the day, or just for dinner?

            1. re: adam

              Just dinner now, lunch in a bit. They estimated late January. Fingers crossed.

          2. The original comment has been removed