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iberian ham in LA

i go goo-goo for pork and have read so much about this ham that i would really like to try it. I've found some online purveyors but would much rather be served a couple of nice slices in a restaurant rather than buy a whole leg.
anyone ever seen it on a menu here?

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  1. You can buy jamon iberico at Joan's on Third or at Bay Cities Deli. Not sure about restaurants, but try AOC's menu.

    1. Look no further than Bar Pintxo - tapas restaurant in Santa Monica. They slice it right in front of you at the bar.

      109 Santa Monica Blvd
      Santa Monica, CA 90407
      (310) 458-2012

      1. I love Iberico ham. You can buy it at Surfas in Culver City. I would suggest you get the one that is cut on the slicing machine not by hand. Its much better when it is sliced thin. It is also sometimes available at the Artisan Cheese Gallery in Studio City.

        I also noticed that the new restaurant in Abbot Kinney - AK, has it on the brunch menu (its set to open in a few weeks I think):


        1. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/4931...

          For the record, there is only one authorized Spanish exporter of iberico (Fermín), and only two authorized U.S. importers (La Española and La Tienda). IOW, it doesn't matter what store or restaurant you're buying it from -- it's all coming from the same place.

          If it were me, I'd just drive on down to La Española and pick up a pack at a *reasonable* price...


          1. Beverly Hills Cheese Store (they actually have 3 different iberico cuts), Bay Cities - the both slice to order. The Wine House sells it pre-sliced in a package (which is prob. the same as Surfas) and it is very good. I know people like it sliced thin, but i like it sliced on the thicker side so you really taste the flavor. Enjoy!

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              as for the thin versus thick question, thick and hand sliced is the way you usually find iberico in spain. I would think that a slicer machine would melt the already room-temperature-sweating fat in the iberico.

              that said, at the price you have to pay for it, you should definitely have it the way you want it!

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                BH Cheese has a manual slicer so it comes out perfect. and yes, i'm paying for that fat, i dont want it left on a machine!

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                  We just returned from Spain and they do hand slice, but it is extremely thin, sometimes to the point where you can see through it. I think its a personal preference but I like the thin. The great thing about Surfas is you can have it either way. Although having it cut on the slicer/thin is actually more expensive per pound.

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                  The times I've purchased it from Surfa's I've watched them hand sliced. Priced much more reasonably in comparison to BH Cheese store.

                3. Capo had it last time I was there, and it was delicious.

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                    Capo serves Pata Negra (black foot) which is simply the best ham coming out of Spain, and also the most expensive at an average of $100-plus a pound. The ham comes from a special breed of pig whose diet consists of mostly chesnuts....mmm...
                    point is, beware, because it's not gonna be cheap! They also have Michel Rolland's Campo Eliseo tempranillo from Toro to go with it, but that's another topic...

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                      Is the Capo pata negra from Jabugo? Is it paleta or truly from the leg?

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                        And by the way, bellotas are acorns, not chestnuts.

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                          I haven't seen Jabugo ham in the U.S.

                          Check the Beverly Hills Cheese Store -- They seem to have the highest quality Iberico available in the city. When they actually have it, that is.

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                          Capo, the Italian restaurant in Santa Monica, is now serving Spanish ham and wine? Interesting development...

                      2. A generous clerk at the Artisan Cheese Gallery (Ventura @ Laurel Canyon) let me sample a slice. It was out of this world as was the price. It is super-rich, so a little goes a long way. Eat it plain and eat it slowly so you can savor every bite. Only a rich moron would make a sandwich.

                        It is scarce, so I don't know if the ACG has it regularly. Call first.