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Oct 8, 2008 11:00 AM

Creative Director of Chow Thinks Your Comments are "Worthless"

Apprently Jeremy LaCroix (creative director of Chow) spoke at a panel last night and had this to say about us:

"LaCroix noted that advertisers were terrified of commenters, and didn't want to be positioned anywhere near the chatting. They prefer to—Chowhound is the chattiest. "Do I think most of the comments are worthless? Yes, I do," LaCroix said."

Quote is from the Radar Online recap of the event.

I'm offended!

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  1. oh, very nice.

    and advertisers are terrified of being near thread posts? well gee, they must not be too afraid, 'cause the ads are ALL OVER the freakin' screen!

    and do more people actually *read* chow vs. chowhound?

    i do believe mr. lacroix owes this community a big, public apology. maybe HIS job is worthless, too. (i'm sure he'll think this thread is *especially* "worthless." )

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    1. re: alkapal

      No, alkapal, that part's true: advertisers do indeed prefer placement amid static, controllable content. It's not a function of how good an online forum is....they're scared of them, period. That's one reason why after Chowhound was acquired by CNET they brought on provide the sort of static, controlled editorial content that advertisers prefer.

      1. re: Jim Leff

        jim, so advertisers get a discount to incentivize them to advertise on the chowhound side?

        1. re: alkapal

          No idea.

          But the "advertisers dislike message boards" rule is, for the time being, a fundamental thing. Anyone involved in online ad sales will say the same.

    2. whats the saying..? "don't bite the hand that feeds you..?"

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. It certainly doesn't sound like Jeremy. I texted him about it -- he's on his way back to SF from NY -- and asked him about it. He's stunned by this recap. But I'll let him respond. He's getting on the plane, so it will probably be around eight hours.

          For what it's worth, we've had many, many discussions about how to encourage MORE feedback and comments.... "Worthless" is about as unlikely an opinion from him as I can imagine.

          1. Based ONLY on the original post and not the link, it looks like the "worthless" comment could be about the comments from the advertisers who are terrified of CHers.

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            1. re: Ima Wurdibitsch

              "They prefer to—Chowhound is the chattiest."
              that is -- the advertisers prefer chow because chowhound commenters are [too] chatty. the advertisers are afraid of being near the commenter's comments. comments are posted on the blogs" and "reviews." the "comments" referred to are those made by chowhounds. the only "comments" on chowhound are, in fact, posts and replies on threads (unless i am missing somewhere on chowhound where "comments" are solicited).

              unless mr. lacroix was misquoted, it would seem clear that he is characterizing chowhounders' comments as "worthless."

              i tell you what, some of those things on chow that allow comments --- THOSE are the "worthless" things. like that ridiculous "table manners."