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Oct 8, 2008 10:48 AM

Evanston Organic Grocery?

Hi...we're moving to Evanston in a few weeks and I've been doing a bunch of reading here and elsewere, making notes for restaurants, markets and stores to visit once we're settled in.

While we were looking at houses in various places, we drove past a vacant store at Asbury & Oakton that had big COMING SOON! signs in the windows, advertising that it would be an organic (or at least "natural") grocery store. I was very excited when I saw this but a month later I was by there again and the building looked exactly the same, no closer to opening.

So I'm wondering if this store is actually coming soon, or if it's been "coming soon" for months and it's never actually going to open, or what.

Anybody have any info on it? Thanks!

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  1. That market is coming soon, not just one of those things where they put up a sign. The community is very excited about it. The location had been vacant for a while (it was an Osco Drug, that got closed when CVS bought the local standalone Osco locations). The people who will be opening the grocery have held several meetings with the community, and already own a grocery store in the city of Chicago. These meetings, and the store, have been written about numerous times in the local newspaper. They have also applied for, and are likely to receive, financial assistance from the city of Evanston in the form of a partial refund of sales taxes. So based on all of that, it looks likely that it will happen. On the other hand, with the current financial crisis, a lot of business plans are being put on hold, so who knows how they may be affected?

    In the meantime, Evanston has two locations of Whole Foods Market with a good selection of organic items.

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      That's great news, thanks! I look forward to visiting the store once it opens...