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Oct 8, 2008 10:48 AM

Real Brooklyn Pizza

My favorites are Vesuvios, Pizza wagon, and i think Ninos
All in bayridge brooklyn.

Whats your favorite real ny pizza joint?

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  1. you might want to try roebling pizza. i like how it's always fresh, the owner only makes one pie at a time and puts topping on it to order.

    1. I agree with the first two. I haven't been to Nino's yet. I also hear Grandma's is pretty good.

      I personally can't stand the line of tourists by DiFara's.

      1. Larry & BoBo's...just kidding L&B Spumoni Gardens...My buddy always calls it Larry & BoBo's

        1. Korner church and 3rd st, V&J on 65st and 18th ave(I think), the place across from the Barnes and Noble in Park Slope.

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          1. re: Geo8rge

            I'll second Korner Pizza. I lived at Ave C & E3rd for 14 years and lived on their sicilian and meatball heros...ever since I moved to the area in 1970. And Natalie was there then and is still there at least when I was back a year or so ago.

            Remember: Your math teacher was wrong: The area of a circle is NOT Pi R Squared...

            Only Sicilian Pi are Square
            Neopolitan Pi are Round

            1. re: Geo8rge

              It's actually J&V on 64th Street & 18th Avenue (718) 232-2700. Terrific pepperoni pie.
              Also, Italia at 307 King's Highway (718) 339-0666 for the Sicilian.

            2. I don't understand the love for Pizza Wagon. The few times I've tried it it has struck me as cheap and greasy.

              Ninos does so many varieties. I guess their thin slice with fresh mozzarella is best (forget what they call it.) Sicilian is a good substitute when the L&B craving hits and you don't want to drive over there. But the rest? Feh - from bland to truly bad. For some reason they've began to absolutely murder their Grandma pie - I can remember when it was nice and crispy with a nice dose of oil, parmesan, and garlic, but now it usually comes out dry and chewy. Why?

              I got the most magical slice from the place around 88th & 3rd, about a month back. I can never remember the name, I often hit it when I'm parking late at night and I have to schlep 10 blocks south. Perfect balance of cheese, oil, sauce, and crispy crust.

              Honestly, for a neapolitan pie with no BS, my fave is Patsy's in East Harlem. Consistently good, obvs authentic, not crowded, no hassles. I also love Dom, of course, can't see how it's not "real Brooklyn pizza" aside from the fact that it is insanely popular.

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              1. re: scooter

                So, in writing my little review of Nino's, I realized that I've hardly ever eaten their plain slice - I'm always getting the specialty slices or a pie with toppings. So, I had two for dinner. Not bad, better than "bland" anyway.

                Crust: B. Crisp, but a little crackery. The end was a distressing undercooked yellow color. Overall slice is nice and thin.

                Sauce: A-. Lots of tomato taste.

                Oil: A. A good amount, not too much.

                Cheese: B-. Just didn't deliver enough cheesy goodness. One slice was nicely browned, which was better than nothing, I guess.

                So, overall, B or B+.

                1. re: scooter

                  I had fun with my Nino's review, and I really have nothing else to do this weekend, so I hit Pizza Wagon and my post-parking place ("Brick Oven Pizza" on 3rd btw 88 and 89th.)

                  PIZZA WAGON

                  Crust: A. By far the best aspect - crispy, light, and a little fluffy. But, where's the rest? It was basically a lightly decorated triangle of crust.

                  Tomato: D. Visible, but you couldn't taste it.
                  Cheese: D. Very light dusting of mozzarella.
                  Oil. B. No impression of the oil content, really.

                  Again, strikes me as a very cheap slice. There is a good junk food, "stuff your face" quality to it, though. Overall grade, B-

                  BRICK OVEN

                  After the other two places I could see what I like about this - there's actually a decent amount of cheese. Maybe even twice as much as pizza wagon. Something was off, though. Too much oregano? Is the cheese fake? Dunno. Crust B-, Sauce C, Cheese A-, Oil A, subtract a grade for unknown bad flavor, overall C.

                  While this is a fun exercise, it confirms what I was suspecting. This stuff is OK, but no destination pie.

                  1. re: scooter

                    i dont get my fellow bay ridgers fascination w/ pizza wagon
                    been there a few times, just dont get it

                    having said that
                    in my opinion
                    Grandmas on 3rd ave btween ovington and 69th is my fav in the neighborhood by far
                    especially their margherita

                  2. re: scooter

                    Gah, *terrible* take-out night from Ninos. Ordered a "don't-want-to-drive-to-L-and-B" sicilian. First one is burnt, so we call back and reject it. Two hours later we end up eating a heavy, soggy undercooked pie.

                    They have a good menu, but sometimes they just murder the pies.