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Oct 8, 2008 10:21 AM

Oh Boy Stamford...BIG NEWS!

Fairway is coming to Stamford in about 18+ mos. Its coming to the Yale & Towne property on the corner of Canal & Market. GREAT NEWS! Let's hope this deal doesn't fall through.

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  1. Stamford and Mount Vernon? Very good news indeed.

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    1. re: dolores

      oh i PRAY this happens!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love fairway

      1. re: missmar79

        I used to work a few blocks from there and loved it but how is the quality now adays?
        Is it very overpriced in comparison to Stop and Shop or Stew Leonards?

        1. re: nbermas

          Wow, this is huge!

          nbermas, to answer your question, I'm a huge fan of Stew Leonards, but Fairway is in a different league altogether. It's more expensive, but for what it offers, it's reasonable.

          As for Stop & Shop... it is just like any other grocery store in my opinion. Nice if it's close, but crappy otherwise.

          Now, even with Fairway, I'll still go to Stew's for dairy. Nothing beats Stew's dairy (milk, butter, cream, etc.) - particularly for the price.

          1. re: adamclyde

            Fairway more expensive?!! Maybe I'm completely blind to this from my 15 years of loyalty to Fairway having always lived within 10 blocks of one, but I STILL drive to NYC to shop there (after moving to CT). I do love Stews, but Fairway blows Stews away on selection and price for produce and cheese and many other things. Stews defintely has its moments and does dairy and several other things better, but definitely not in the same league as Fairway as far as quality or price or selection in general in my mind.

            1. re: gunksny

              re: fairway v. stews, that's exactly what I said. Stew's own dairy is cheaper and and higher quality. But anything else at stews... can't say the comparison.

              1. re: adamclyde

                True. General dairy though, not 'serious' cheese which Fairways does amazingly well at relatively reasonable prices and which the selection of which I find seriously lacking at Stew's. It's not comparable at all.

      2. re: dolores

        Mount Vernon?!?!?!?
        Last thing I thought I heard was Pellum (sp??).

        1. re: Jon1856

          It is Pelham. So Pelham and now hopefully Stamford - since I'm practically right in the middle in Mamaroneck this is beyond my wildest expectations. Life is good.

          1. re: laylag

            I would be more likley myself to go take a peek up in Stamford than Pelham.
            And would be likely to shop there than Stu's in Yonkers.

      3. amanda, any more news on love to hear!

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        1. re: missmar79

          I don't have any more news... I work in the war zone over here in the south end, my building is owned by Antares, they were the ones who told us. The lease has apparently been signed and they said 18 months....but at the rate things are going over here, I think it will be longer. There are still lots of machines over in that area digging and leveling the ground. If I see anything substantial being built, I will let you know!

          1. re: amanda3571

            ha! i think we work in the same building! i'm all the way at the end of canal..- this construction stinks! especially today with the cops manning the light..

            that's great that they signed the now I can officially look forward to my DIY olive bar in about 2 years..

            thanks for the update

            1. re: missmar79

              Nope, not the same building, but very close by. I'm right in the midst of the Uban Transitway project. I have no words for the construction other's exhausting. At least the thought of Fairway is a bright spot at the end of this mess. Although, I do worry about how they're going to fare with that awful Rubino's across the street.

            2. re: amanda3571

              Lets hope it doesn't fall through in 'negotiations'. Sounds like some tax or other breaks are expected ..


          2. What is this Fairway of which you speak?

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            1. I was mildly excited about the Whole Foods at the Bulls Head teaser (which really shows how desperate I had become having moved up here from the city), but this news has MADE MY DAY!!! Thanks!

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              1. re: gunksny

                Good news, I just wish it wasn't so far downtown. I liked the idea of Whole Foods at Bulls Head better.

              2. Hooray!

                From today's Advocate:

                The Zoning Board voted unanimously this week to approve a final site plan that would bring Fairway, a New York supermarket chain, to the former site of Yale & Towne Manufacturing Co.

                The proposed 55,000-square-foot store is to open early next year at Canal and Market streets, said Aaron Fleishaker, vice president of real estate for Fairway.


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                1. re: A avenue

                  YOU JUST MADE MY DAY! I am so thrilled!! I cant wait for that place!!! Its walking distance from where I work!!!

                  1. re: missmar79

                    The skeleton of the store is now up!

                    1. re: amanda3571

                      Ok so Stamford it's going to open or Pelham? I am so confused!

                      1. re: Paris76

                        I think both. Stamford, I can tell you, for sure is.

                          1. re: Jon1856

                            Fairway has great smoked salmon, REAL bagels and bialy's, They also have a REAL cheese dept (one of my major gripes with Stew).

                            I think that, when on sale, Stews beef is and will still be better than Fairway. And Fairway's Lettuces and greens are fine but don't hold a candle, quality-wise to Vinegar Factory. The produce is equivalent to Stew's.

                            In fact last night I grilled the Skirt steaks made a chimichurri sauce it was fantastic. Beef is the best thing they have at Stew's.

                            1. re: shark_attack

                              Agreed that Stews Beef (and fresh Mozzarella) are likely better than Fairways. And the produce is on par ... but MUCH MUCH cheaper at Fairway than at Stews. Its a shame the opening of Fairway is delayed.

                              1. re: gunksny

                                I would think Fairway would get better selections of high-quality meats than Stews, no? I hope so.

                                About produce... I don't know that I find Stews all that expensive, do you? It's not dirt cheap, but I almost always find good deals on fruit and sometimes veggies too.

                                1. re: adamclyde

                                  My impression is that Fairway has a superior meat section, but I confess that I don't typically shop for meats at Stew Leonards. Visiting the meat counter at the Harlem location was eye-opening and has made me eagerly anticipate the opening of the Stamford location. The available selection and the knowledge of the guys working the counter was impressive. Take with a grain of salt (it's the Company website after all), but a link to their approach to their meat counter:

                                  On a recent visit to the Harlem Fairway, I found the produce prices to be in line with Shop Rite (Commerce Park location) for much better looking produce.