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where can i buy carapelli evoo toronto

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where can i buy it downtown? and can you recommend something else that is good around the same price..no president choice getting tired of that

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  1. Pretty standard stuff you can get at just about any loblaws. I've even seen it at No Frills. Every now and then, see it on sale for $4-$5 a 750ml bottle. In terms of quality, I don't see any difference between it and Bertolli or Mastro or Gallo, which also go on sale fairly frequently.

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      I bought it before on sale at No Frills; grandgourmand is right, I don't see much difference between Carapelli and the others of a similar price point, other than that the Carapelli is a bit fruitier than the Mastro and Gallo.

      1. re: tjr

        It's OK. Widely available discounted at various NG outlets. Among the better values I've found is the Italian EVOO at Costco--2 liter bottle for about $14. Watch the labels on the cheapies like Carapelli--its often bottled in Italy but not Italian product.

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          Same thing for all of them...but really does it matter? For everyday cooking, I wouldn't notice the difference between Italian, Spanish or Greek olive oils.

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            Folks, we've split the interesting discussion about fraudulent EVOO to the General Chowhounding Topics board. You can find the thread at the link below.