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Oct 8, 2008 10:04 AM

What's Good in Buckhead?

Traveling to Atlanta, Ga and haven't been in a while. What's good for dinner (NOT TOO expensive)? Is Nava and Food 101 still good?

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  1. Nava is just not my style and I"ve never been to Food 101.

    If you like greek, I went to Kyma last night and really enjoyed it. I'm not a fan of the other Buckhead Life restaurants but I do like Kyma.

    As for other choices in Buckhead.....Antica Posta, Anis, Basil's, Home, Restaurant Eugene, Holman and Finch pub.

    Depends what you mean by not too expensive.

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    1. re: rcburli

      Thanks! Anis has been around for a while. Antica Posta too! Kyma is good idea although I heard the greek taverna (I think on Chesire Br Rd is really good too!)

      1. re: SusanInSeneca

        I really haven't had good experiences or food at Taverna Platka, but across the street there's Taqueria del Sol and I do like the food there. They have also opened Zuffy's, which was Fuzzy's and everything I have gotten there has been great. That's over on Buford Hwy.
        I love Anis and Antica Posta, so those are always great choices as rcburli stated.
        Have a great time!

        1. re: SusanInSeneca

          Taverna Plaka seems like more of a party atmosphere than a food one. Kyma, though, is pretty pricey in my opinion.

          I think you still can't go wrong with Eclipse di Luna. That said, H&F is newer/cooler.

          If you go to Taqueria, be sure to get dessert from the Intl Bakery a few doors down (napoleons!!).