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Oct 8, 2008 09:34 AM

Have you been to Gustorganics?

Just wondering if anyone's tried Gustorganics on 6th Ave. I love the idea of eating organic, but their menu looks pretty bland. I don't want to bother paying for food if I can make it better at home, ya know? Has anyone been?

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  1. I was there only once, for brunch recently. We had one tasty empanada, one dry and overcooked empanada, a tasty quesadilla-type thing made with a bit of steak and cheese, a good omelette, and mezzelune that had been in the oven too long. Good juice concoctions and lemonades. Sweet but clueless servers. My biggest complaint is the price. I know that organic food costs more, and I'm willing to pay more, but I'm not willing to get ripped off.

    I'll be interested to see how others on this site weigh in...

    1. Just wanted to add: got roped into dinner at Gustorganics last night. The service was really nice, prompt, and helpful. My pasta (pesto, whole-what fusilli) dish was overwhelmed with salt. No interesting touches, just a bunch of pesto dumped on pasta. For $18.

      The wine list is ridiculously overpriced for what they offer, though the mixed drinks seem more interesting. I had a chenin blanc that was not very good. My friend had the caprese pizza and it was bland, uninteresting. Their food is definitely the kind you could easily make at home with organic ingredients; no gourmet touches at all.

      They have a lot of outdoor seating, which is nice, but the constant ambulances up and down 6th Ave are a little unfortunate.

      1. I believe I was here once for a group dinner. The speaker was on sustainability/green. Love the concept. The owner spoke to us and is a very nice guy.

        The food was very fresh but a bit bland. We had a set menu. I think I had some turkey or vegan meatballs, etc. I do remember I felt like I ate a lot of very fresh food. Agree with exalt's comment "their food is definitely the kind you could easily make at home with organic ingredients. . ." It's good for what it is.